Youtuber Logan Paul apologizes with “suicide prevention” video but still gets stoned

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Recently, the incident Logan PaulYoutuber committing suicide in the forest in Japan and laughing with friends next to the dead body of a very offensive suicide has made the public extremely angry. Not only that, the “tricks” in Logan’s previous vlogs were also found and criticized by netizens. Like video vlogger This guy wears a Pikachu costume and annoys passersby with pranks that annoy others. Even many Japanese people boycotted and banned Logan from returning to the land of the rising sun. Although Logan Paul made a new vlog to apologize, it was still unable to appease the anger of the people, because they thought that the guy had been ignored too many times and this time could not be forgiven anymore because Logan’s insult to the dead.

Logan and friends laugh and laugh in the “suicide forest” in Japan

It hasn’t been long since Logan Paul has returned to Youtube with a brand new Vlog titled Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow. Vlog content about how to prevent suicide today. Besides, Logan Paul also looks back at people’s criticisms of him and shares how to save people who are contemplating suicide. He also decided to donate $ 1 million to the organization Suicide Prevention. However, Logan’s vlogs that annoy passersby and shops in Japan remain on his Youtube channel without ever being taken down.

For Logan Paul’s action this time, most people think that he is just trying to solve the media crisis, appease public opinion, and not show any remorse. Netizens have left comments with this incident such as: “If he is willing to correct his mistakes, then his suicide prevention could be of use to everyone.”, “Honestly, compared to that vlog that made fun of suicide, I want people to investigate the uncultured actions he did to the Japanese.”, “I hate him so much, he originally didn’t even mention the videos taken in the forest by suicide and harassing the Japanese”, “Did he also raise money for (suicide) in Japan? Didn’t he remove that ridiculous video” nice “He should go apologize to the store clerk who bothered him.”.

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