Fortnite suddenly launched a mode specifically for “sniper soldiers”

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When PUBG still holding the throne of the game village Fortnite also followed closely with an extremely large number of gamers and a completely free model. This is considered as the main factor that creates the attraction for Epic Games’ products because it creates conditions for gamers on a tight budget. However, that is not the only factor retaining the community because Fortnite Also constantly adding new Updates with many extremely cool game modes.


Yes, we’re talking about Fortnite’s newest mode with a limited time, giving gamers the chance to become the most notorious snipers in the game. Officially called Sniper Shootout, this mode will create unique death scenes never seen in Fortnite before.


In this mode, all weapons that gamers find on the map or through the relief box will be completely replaced by sniper rifles. However, gamers will still be able to pick up revolvers as a secondary weapon in close-range support. In addition, grenades will also be completely removed to make the combat phase focus on the right goal of the game mode.


However, this mode is only available for a limited time as Fortnite will switch to the new mode on February 2nd. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to become a sniper, you should try this mode from today.

If you haven’t played yet Fortnite Readers can also see instructions to download and play the game for free here:

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