The most haunting murders in the Conan world

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Comic Detective Conan has come a long way, nearly 100 volumes of comic books have been published, bringing readers of all ages to many thrilling and fascinating cases. Among them are many particularly scary cases that haunt us. So in your opinion, which is the scariest of the following cases?

The murder case wrapped in white tape – Episode 5

This is the case that many readers voted as the most haunting when asked. In this case, Conan and Ran are invited by Sonoko to a mansion in the woods to attend a meeting. Due to an unintended mistake that makes Ran grasp the clues to unmask the murderer she has become his target.


The detail that makes many people’s hair stand up is the scene where the murderer wrapped in a tight white scarf swings the rope through the window, more terrible is that he holds a human head in his hand. Besides, his murder trick is also very barbaric when using an ax. What makes this man so scary is the way he frantically tries to kill people, even breaking into Ran and Conan’s bedroom. In other cases, there are very few murderers who act so openly and without fear.

Tragedy of the woman in red – Episode 82 & 83


The level of obsession of the case of the woman in red is considered second only to the murder case wrapped in a white bandage. This time, Ran, Sonoko and Conan are invited by their friend Sera to a rental villa to solve the case. On the way, Ran accidentally saw a woman in red standing lurking in the forest. It turns out that the case that Sera wanted them to help with was related to the story of the woman in red who killed people in a fit of madness, the red on her shirt being stained by blood.


Not stopping there, the group of guests invited to the villa was also murdered by the woman in red in the swamp. It seems that author Gosho Aoyama was inspired by famous urban legends in Japan such as Khau Lieu female, the girl holding a red umbrella… to create this haunting case.

The Moonlight Sonata Case

If the two cases above are haunting about blood and horror, this case makes readers feel haunted because of its tragedy. The murder happened on Tsukikage Island, before going to the island, detective Mori received a mysterious letter with an investigation fee. But apparently the person who hired Mr. Kogoro was the pianist who died 12 years ago.


The appearance of Mori and Conan in this case just in time to discover all the truth, that it is behind each chapter of the music is the message of the killer. The annotated content from the first chapter of the song helps the solver to connect it all to the tragic event 12 years ago. But neither Mori nor Conan could stop the “tragedy of moonlight” in time. This is a case where Conan let the killer commit suicide in front of him and is also the case that the author is most interested in.

This case is considered a unique and highly regarded case for the way the plot is built, from the motive of the crime to his final ending. Readers will never forget the eyes of the villain in the middle of the sea of ​​​​fire at the end and surprised by the tragic death of the killer.

The Tottori Mansion Case – Episode 25

This case revolves around the spider curse in Takeda’s family. As before, there have been many suicides in the villa where the victim was caught in a spider’s web when found.


And when the detective finds the mansion, the murders continue. Is this spider curse real or just a reimagining of the killer. Conan is helped by Heiji, the two work together to uncover the mystery behind the death of a woodworker man.

The haunting thing about this case is the cleverly combined plot that combines many details about spider elves, the setting in the forest and the arrangement of the crime scene. Many readers couldn’t help but get chills at the thought that the victim was actually killed by the spider elf.

The Curse of the Mermaid

Heiji invites Conan, Ran, and Kogoro to accompany him and Kazuha to an island through the invitation of a letter. The letter is from a woman named Saori who lives on an island called Mermaid Island. The island is famous for people living to be over 100 years old and rumored to be immortal.


After arriving on the island, they learned that Saori had gone missing 3 days ago. After that, a series of consecutive murders occurred, the circumstances seemed to be caused by a supernatural force that created the deaths of many people.

After all, who made that curse, why do it? The end of the story will be very surprising…

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