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Streamer says anyone over 13 who plays the game “has a problem”

Clear Dr Disrespect not the biggest fan of Fortnitecalled boycott game title battle royale became famous after the Chapter 2 update.

Regardless of my opinion about game, he still forces himself to play it often. However, in a stream Lately, tensions have been running high and a final loss is the cue to get the game completely removed from his computer. And to add to the tension, he then lashed out at the people above 13 years old play Fortnite.

In the midst of his novel “Three Threats Challenge” can be seen that the enthralling content creator tries to win three unique battle royale titles, Dr Disrespect has “exploded” and uninstall Fortnite from my PC.

During the stream on November 6, Doc started his campaign with Fortnite and fought from room to room for over an hour before he reached his breaking point.


Surviving until the last round with only one opponent left, Doc was unfortunately left in an uncontrollable position with low HP. When bo hits and the last safe zone disappears, he screams that it’s a fearsome win, after inevitably dying and finishing in 2nd place.

“Get me out of this fucking game,” he repeated before calling Fortnite a horrible gaming experience. With no healing items in hand and the last remaining opponent already on the high ground, there was simply no way for Doc to go to victory.

“Get off my computer,” he said, uninstalling the game and following up by uploading it on the Fortnite community.

“If you play Fortnite and you’re over 13, you’ve got a mental problem, there’s something wrong with you, wake up.”


Don’t know whether Dr Disrespect whether or not he will remove Fortnite from the “Three Threats Challenge” entirely, or if he will reinstall the game and test his luck again. Either way, it’s safe to say that Fortnite could be his least favorite battle royale title after this massive outburst.​

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