The owner of the restaurant with “Unstable net room rules” was stoned by the whole net gaming community

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In the midst of difficult economic times and net business saturated like the present, to retain customers is an extremely difficult problem for any net owner, forcing them to think of all sorts of tricks, unique business forms, to please customers. his “god” guest. As a matter of course, the more “weird” it is, the more curious and attractive it is.

But perhaps not always “unique” and “strange” is also the business motto that brings about the desired effect, even if it is not careful, it is boycotted as playing when it is somewhat “excessive”. As recently, a rather long table of 10 rules with the title “RULES” NET ROOM Unstable” shared on a net game group received many “bricks and stones”. True to its name, the content of the table of rules is somewhat unusual when it contains some very strange things.


first. Open from 7am to 10pm.
2. At 21:30, the announcement of closing, 22h to sit still and refuse to return automatically, no complaints.
3. As a civilized and polite person who brings food in, remember to bring it out, do not bring out the garbage except for 10k accounts.
4. Spilled water, had to yell at the staff to let him hit his head for being stupid and wipe the table himself.
5. Hit the mouse for the first time as a reminder, the second time minus 10k, the third time, click out net shop.
6. The net soup is Grandpa, so it’s the first time to warn the net guy, the second time to close the application, the third time to deduct the account.
7. Call for service but urge staff not to take it.
8. Swearing swearing minus 5k accounts, fighting minus 10k accounts.
9. Crazy, smoked to the ward to sit.
10. It is strictly forbidden to bring weapons and explosives into the room.

Here, it can be seen that the terms 1, 2, 3 or 8, 9, 10 are also quite normal. But 4 to 7 is really unusual. Even if you know any net shop, you need to set certain rules for customers to follow. However, the owner’s tone and some words of welcome and discomfort make many people feel more offensive than sympathetic. Especially like “If you spill water, you have to yell at the staff to let it hit you in the head for being stupid and cleaning the table by yourself”, “The net soup is Grandpa, so the first time the net watchman warns, the second time closes the response. used, 3rd time deducting the account” or “Calling for service but urging staff not to take it” clearly shows the attitude of contempt for the customer, not that the customer is the god, not to mention the fact that just opening it is demanding. Deduct the account and then click the customer out of the shop.

Indeed, with a hectic table of rules with 1-0-2 like this, I don’t know how many guests can become “intrinsic” guests here or only one will not return. Like many people commenting “go to another net to play well, nothing is missing”, “after printing, no one will play immediately, go to this net to just sit still and then quietly leave” or “this is called net crap open to play by yourself”…


Even though they know that in their net job, the shop owners often encounter strange cases that make many frustrated and tired, but business and service professions such as being a bride of hundreds of families, can keep their feet. customers, their livelihood is guaranteed. So, no matter what rules and regulations are set, the motto “no matter what”, it is still necessary to show respect to customers, don’t be too happy!

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