Husband is glued to his phone playing games, wife patiently feeds each bite

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When playing games, passionate and pursuing games, many gamers are distracted by complaints from lovers or wives because sometimes they miss too much passion. Therefore, many stories of “crying and crying” come from here, many broken couples or family conflicts “the rice is not good, the soup is not sweet” just because the girls and the wives are not I can’t stand a guy who just plugs his face into the game all day.

However, this man is so lucky that he not only found a wife who is very sympathetic to his hobby but also takes care of, pampers and feeds her husband every piece of food when he is busy. “plow” the game. Not even when the couple is eating at home, but right in the middle of a crowded hotpot restaurant.

Watching the clip, it can be seen that at first the girl just picked up the food to put in the bowl for the guy. But because she is still “busy with her hands”, she always feeds her husband and reminds her often: “Don’t play anymore, eat”. Every gesture is very gentle, considerate, while the husband continues to keep his eyes on the phone.

The image is cut from the clip

It must be admitted that the female lead in this clip is truly worthy of the title “wife of the year” – the half that any gamer would wish to find. It really takes a lot of love for her husband to take care of her husband to such an extent, even though he is engrossed in a virtual game!​

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