Yahoo Messenger officially died, 8x, 9x regretted the place imprinted with first love

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After many years of “living away”, the legendary chat service Yahoo Messenger will officially end its historic mission next month. Specifically, Yahoo announced that it will stop the Messenger chat service on July 17, 2018, ending the life of a service that has been alive for several years now, and also ending an anniversary with thousands of customers. million generations 8x, 9x.

For many people, this social network has become a place to start a friendship or start a love, day in and day out looking for messages and even chatting all night, talking about things in the sky and under the sea. Therefore, it would be no exaggeration to say that this is the place imprinted with a youthful sky of so many generations of 8x, 9x, where the first loves are full of memories but also full of regret because of unfinished business.

It is the rapid development of other social networking applications such as Skype, Zalo, Twitter or most typically Facebook that has made Yahoo Messenger appear outdated and gradually forgotten. Even myself, which is not a kid who likes to shake off the old things to chase after new things that belong to the majority, it has been a long time since I have touched the Yahoo account that I once had. more time. Because in the end, no one can play anymore. Even if you enter, you will find yourself lost


Perhaps when people have not mentioned it for a long time, feelings about it will seem trivial. However, at this moment, when I heard that the “monument” of Yahoo Messenger was about to collapse, suddenly so many emotions suddenly rushed back. Not the feelings of the present, but the feelings of many days, many years ago. It was Yahoo Messenger that helped 14 and 15 kids like me at that time know the Internet, make friends online with countless unforgettable memories. Long names with numbers and letters. Loves separated by half a world can only be expressed through the words of Yahoo.

There will be no more listening to the familiar BUZZ sound, no more waiting for someone’s nick to light up, no more cute icons… The smile with dozens of parentheses is probably the greatest legacy that Y!M has left. leave. It’s not two parentheses that make up a bright happy icon. I’ve always had a habit of adding a dozen or so parentheses behind it, which feels like one never fully conveys the emotion. Or like the sad face icon. It’s going to be sad, to be exact.


If we still often use the words “young buffalo”, “bamboo” to talk about a time of our youth, we will not hesitate to say that Y!M is the proof of such a time. . Still knowing that even if it existed any longer, it would still be like an abandoned house, or just like a cramped closet containing old items that the owner never opened again. However, when those old things came to an end, I had to leave, indeed there was something of regret in me. After all, the internet is now developed like that, the social network is so vast, it feels like we can make friends with anyone, follow whatever we want, the list of friends maybe several hundred or even thousands of people. However, the feeling it brings, I’m sure it will never be able to bring the same attachment as the meager friend list that day.


And so, if we still talk about a familiar topic, the society of the past and present or the young people of that day – now, perhaps this will also be a clear measure. Everything is happening faster, more crowded, noisier, more modern, but the affection or the connection is much less. “Wider, but not necessarily deeper.”


After all, one cannot live without memories, but also cannot live by memories alone. So, even now, all your feelings, like me, are regrets, let’s still send a “goodbye” to the Yahoo Messenger application that we have been attached to for a while. Any other memories of mine, yours, ours of that day, please keep them!​

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