World of WarCraft gamers strip off their armor to show their attitude to the game’s new storyline

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Despite being the commander of the Horde faction, Sylvanas has just fallen into the “black list” of gamers World of Warcraft around the world – a “list” of characters that people don’t want to get their hands dirty. This is the result of her latest act: Burning the World Tree and killing countless Night Elves. The massacre caused even the key characters of the Horde to turn away from “Banshee Queen”, starting a wave of reactions from gamers.


In the latest cinematic clip, the legendary warrior Varok Saurfang is moved to think about the night of killing and burning that took place in Teldrassil. That night, while Sylvanas was admiring the desolation with contentment, he bellowed, “There is no more reverence here!” The old warrior also prophesied: “From now on they will all come looking for me. All!”

Clip “Old Soldier”

Now in the silence of the night, speaking to a young warrior for the first time in battle, Saurfang scornfully threw away his armor when he heard the idea of ​​seeking honor on the battlefield to come. He took off all his armor and went straight to the horizon – where the enemy was stationed, wanting to “take what should have been mine”, which was nothing but death. The warrior ran after him, despite his small body and inexperience in battle, he also removed his armor to show solidarity. Finally he persuaded the old warrior not to give up on himself and the Horde.


The dialogue between Saurfang and “Zappy Boi” received great sympathy from countless gamers, who were still angry after Sylvanas’ actions. Immediately after the clip was released, gamers simultaneously expressed their agreement by removing the character’s shoulder armor. To be more precise, the gamers who used the feature of WoW so that the shoulder armor no longer appears on the character.

As shared by a gamer named Riizu, the disappointment is obvious for gamers who wait for the development of the story before the battle of Azeroth, Unarmored action like Saurfang gives everyone a chance to show it off. in a more positive way. This player shared:

“Let Blizzard know that we don’t accept their closest picks to Sylvanas and The Horde. This incident seems to be deliberately inciting the allegiance of the factions. I hope this “Shoulders For Saurfang” action can show that. Hopefully this action can give players a positive choice to share their opinions and gain attention for the expansion.”

Gamers are planning to conduct an in-game event on August 7 in which everyone will march from the Horde capital Orgrimmar to the Alliance territory of Darkshore. Although the Horde and the Alliance are two opposing factions with a long history of feuding, many Alliance gamers joined Discord to contribute to the event. Gamer Riizu said the inspiration was taken from the latest Warcraft novel – “Before The Storm”, which was released as a prequel to the game. Battle For Azeroth.​

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