PUBG officially revealed “Bullet Shield”

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The choice of location and hiding place is always one of the prerequisites for the victory of gamers PUBG. Knowing how to capture good cover points will give gamers a clear advantage over the enemy, especially when the final round is always placed in empty positions. But luck is not always smiling and many times PUBG players still fall into extremely disadvantageous positions.

However, now PUBG has the answer to those situations, an effective measure in protecting yourself and “covering” your teammates in the middle of nowhere. Yes we are talking Ballistic Shield – Bullet shields are commonly used by special armed forces.


Ballistic Shield acts as a player’s main weapon, ie taking up a full gun slot when used. At the same time, guns like AR, SR and Shotgun will not be able to be used next to simple shields because the types have high recoil and require holding both hands. In contrast, only pistols, SMGs and grenades can be used in parallel with the Ballistic Shield.


The developer said that this is an extremely effective tool when traveling with the Team, allowing players to keep the vanguard position in the squad and help teammates poke the back from both sides. In addition, it is possible that when not in hand, the player can install this shield behind his back… creating a perfect shield against sneak shots. However, it is not clear whether this type of bullet shield will function as armor with the possibility of being damaged by gunfire. We’ll probably need some more time to determine the Ballistic Shield’s functionality.


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