Xemesis and Young Mango revealed their intention to pair twin eggs to win a great gift from their parents

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In the show Knocking on the Door, Episode 59, MC Quoc Thuan and Ngoc Lan visited the couple’s luxurious house in Saigon. streamer Seeesis (Kem Minh Hieu) and beautiful Hotgirl Young Mango (Pham Thuy Trang). The couple, who are 13 years older than each other, have shared many touching stories that have never been known before, especially Mango Non’s revelation about plans to have a baby has surprised many people.

The couple has been married for 6 months.

When asked about the plan to have a baby, the streamer and his wife were very excited, the revelation of Mango Non surprised the MC even more:

Young Mango also confided that he wanted to have a baby early when he was young so that his body could recover more easily and, importantly, to not be too far away from the children when the baby grew up. The couple has a plan this year, if they don’t have a baby naturally, they will go for an egg transplant so that they can have twins both boys and girls. Thus, Young Mango only needs to be pregnant once, but twice she must be depressed.

Non mango is very popular with the husband’s family.

Also on the show, in front of the audience’s curiosity about her life as a bride and groom as well as her mother-in-law’s relationship with her daughter-in-law, Mango Non revealed that she had captured the love of her husband’s family right from the first time. meet first. Hotgirl said: “I am the first woman that Hieu brought home and the whole family agrees. When I go to my husband’s house, I get along with everyone in the family. My father-in-law is so serious that no one dares to talk. Ever since I got home, my husband used to make fun of my dad, pulling him closer to the other members.” Perhaps because she was very popular with her father-in-law, she was given such a “kind” reward by her parents after giving birth to a baby.

In addition, the couple also shared many touching stories that not everyone knew before. From school stories to the pressure after going public with Mango Non’s love story, to Xemesis’s disturbing stories while studying abroad were shared most honestly. Interested readers can watch the details in the video below.

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