League of Legends animated version reveals the origin of Jinx and Vi

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Anniversary stream ten years of operation of the League of Legends took place on October 16, bringing with it countless announcements from Riot Games – includes launch information for Overwatch-like competitive shooter, Diablo-like open-world RPG, and mobile release confirmation of League of Legends – now known as League of Legends: Wild Rift.

However, for fans of the League of Legends storyline and universe, perhaps the most notable news is the announcement of the reveal of the epic animated series that takes place in the world of Runeterra. The film, titled Arcane, is set in the city of Piltover and the underworld in the Zaun district, and tells the origins of two famous champions in League of Legends – as well as the power to change fates. surname.


From the announced trailer, it can be seen that two iconic champions are Vi and Jinx. The story revolves around the time when they grew up on the shabby streets of Zaun, and everyone assumed that the two could be sisters.

Other champions spotted by fans include Warwick – which turns into a monster near the end of the trailer – and Dr Mundo, although some of the champions look younger than in Arcane. Ekko and Ezreal are also featured in the trailer.

The film is being developed and produced by Riot Games itself. While the studio is quite familiar with handling CGI trailers before, this time, they decided to make a full-fledged animated film.

League of Legends: Arcane will air in 2020 on an existing streaming service. Official information about the service has not been announced yet, but Netflix, Amazon or YouTube are the most potential candidates.​

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