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Wukong suddenly reappeared in Gamota Condor Heroes singing “Watching Killer shed tears”

When the hot trend “Tang teachers and students go to pray for sutras” has not cooled down yet, the player community recently Hero of Condor Gamota was once again panicked when suddenly meeting Wukong’s disciple “playing the game” alone. Especially noteworthy, in this appearance, Te Thien Dai Thanh also performed jubilantly singing, which surprised many viewers.

The song chosen to perform is called “Watching Killer Tears Fall” – a parody version of Chau Khai Phong’s hit “Watching the Falling Flower”.​

In fact, this is the incarnation of male gamer Hoai Phuc playing the game Hero of Condor Mobile, from Killer state, server Duong Thiet Tam. The guy’s ingame name is Wukong, perhaps many people here understand why there is the appearance of Qi Tian Dai Thanh in this impressive performance.

The content of the song is the memories of the time playing games, doing missions, and sticking with the brothers and comrades in the state. And sadness, regret when things gradually become distant, feelings are no longer the same as before for many reasons. People who leave the state, people who are off the game, with unnecessary contradictions and frictions. The song is Hoai Phuc’s own confession that he wants to send to his brothers in the state of Killer, but at the same time, it is also the common feeling of many other players, which is the common situation of many guilds in Hero of the X. Condor or any other game.


No wonder the song received great sympathy from many other members of the Gamota Condor Heroes community with hundreds of likes and shares. Through these “homegrown” performances, it also shows that Gamota’s gamers are not only game nerds but also truly talented guys and girls, rich artistic souls.

The song’s ending is also the words Ngo Khong wants to send to everyone: “That’s all, the love has broken in two, please stay in one state.”

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