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Gamers pull together PK in the extremely hot PvP fighting battlefield in Unparalleled Arrogance

Recently, Ao Kiem Vo Song’s gaming community has “digged graves” and “striated” to join PK in battlefields such as Long Coc Burial, Trich Tinh Lau, because these are features that are considered as battlefields. The first MOBA of the swordplay series.

Gone are the days when the VIPs beat the world, and the hardcore people were beaten up. Going to the MOBA-style fighting battlefield like Tang Long Coc, Trich Tinh Lau, winning or losing in skills and art of combat is the bright spot that makes gamers “tangle” to pull together to participate in PK to show their martial arts skills.

2 MOBA battlefield levels
With a 6vs6 form, the two teams oppose each other in a tough battle, full of tactics and skills, it is no exaggeration to say that Tang Long Coc and Trich Tinh Lau are 2 levels of MOBA battlefields for gamers from the new era. guard to the village elder.


The battle map of Tang Long Coc is the place for swordsmen to practice their skills. Long-range, flexible fighting factions such as Duong Mon, Nga My, and Cai Bang have the land to show off their “long-handed” skills; The melee faction like Vo Lam and Thien Vuong are a bit disadvantaged, but aren’t heroes forged from hardship? Adulthood is the time when gamers meet to show their strength at Trich Tinh Lau; harshly when Vo Dang, Nga My also died early if there was no barrier support from Shaolin, Thien Vuong …


Brain chess game
For the long-range, buffs like Nga My, Dao Hoa Dao, there is no high-crit attack like Shaolin or Kunlun, but not so that they become useless in the 1 minute 30 second battle. If you take advantage of the time and come up with a reasonable strategy, the therapeutic factions will support the Pawn to rush ahead. As for the flexible faction like Tieu Dao, Nhan Linh is the Xe in the chess board that is strong in both attack and defense, with a pawn to check the way when opening the battle, or a slash to kill the opponent at the end of the party.


The battle in the MOBA-blooded fighting battlefield is the point that gamers love the most when participating in PK. “Pen sa, dead chicken”, once using troops to calculate a hundred possible things, because a small mistake like a Cannon falling out of a battle position, how many Pawns go first doesn’t matter. what, the battle is considered as a toad.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Wrong, for the world of martial arts, if you go alone, you will quickly become a ghost. Because many forces try to occupy the highest position, conquering the world; Therefore, being single is not the right choice if you want to build a fortune. Once you have stepped into the great martial arts world of Ao Kiem Wu Song, gamers must prepare themselves with a lot of good friends to work side by side to conquer the world.


It is known that Ngao Kiem Vo Song will launch a new server Au Duong Phong on May 25. Team up together to fight heroically at the MOBA battlefields in the Unparalleled Arrogance.

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