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Worried about being cut off advertising money, Duy Manh entered the group to recruit girls to play games

When it comes to singers Duy Manh, people often remember his famous songs such as Kiep red and black, My love is the ocean, Where can I find them, Come here with me, etc. In addition, Duy Manh is also considered a “commentary saint” on the internet. Facebook often has “cool” comments on its personal page and attracts thousands of comments from the online community. But who knows that the voice of “Red Black Life” is a rather difficult person whenever a brand wants to invite him to act in an advertisement or be a brand ambassador.


Duy Manh once frankly admitted that closing ads is for money, but not every money is to invite him to do ads. He is willing to refuse to participate in advertising if he is not satisfied with the sound system, the light or just because the weather is not beautiful today, everyone looks uncomfortable. However, there are times when he agrees just because he feels that the brand fits his personality.


Recently, male singer Duy Manh suddenly appeared in the group The Guest of Jiang Ho NPH Gamota’s Assembly Hall with a status in its own style. “Hello brothers and sisters in the group. Because he missed Gamota’s advertising money, he now has to play the game – if he doesn’t play, the publisher cancels the contract without paying for advertising, so he needs a guide to play.“. Duy Manh’s selection criteria is quite simple, just being “nieces” from 18-25 years old and having a good measurement of 3 rounds is okay – he shared.

Immediately, Duy Manh’s above status received attention and hundreds of comments from gamers of Hiep Kha Giang Ho Mobile. “Do idols also play this game?”, “How much server does Mr. Manh play?”, “Are you kidding me? I didn’t expect you to be here”, “Can’t believe that Mr. Manh signed a contract with HKGH”,… Many gamers couldn’t believe their eyes when their idol started playing Hiep Khac Giang Ho Mobile.


In a quick exchange with NPH Gamota, Duy Manh’s practice of playing Hiep Khac Giang Ho Mobile is part of a promotional campaign by this unit for the role-playing game Hiep Kha Giang Ho Mobile. In addition to Duy Manh, this “monumental scale” campaign also features a series of other famous singers, hot faces, and hot streamers. All will be revealed by Gamota in the near future.


It can be seen that NPH Gamota is about to launch a large-scale promotion campaign for Hiep Khac Giang Ho Mobile product on the occasion of the new version. Blood Battle Alliance Coming out in August 2018. Gamers, let’s “put on sandals” together to wait for the next surprises!

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