Lying that Steam is an online reading library, gamers still make their girlfriends believe “sorry”

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For gamers who are too passionate about the game, no matter how easy and gentle a lover is, it is difficult to avoid being nagged and annoyed. But as long as you have the talent to “disguise”, no matter how dangerous the situation is, you can turn evil into good, even completely reverse the situation like the gamer guy below.

The confession posted on the RMIT Confessions page was sent from a girlfriend whose lover is a male gamer, who is also a student of this school. She cannot hide her excitement and excitement about the positive change of her lover since entering here.


She said that her boyfriend used to be a person who was very passionate about games, but recently, that habit seems to have completely changed, no longer hanging out on the net, but very focused on studying. Reading the first paragraph, perhaps everyone feels happy for the girl when his lover suddenly “suddenly good” or at least curious as to why there is such a dramatic change. But reading the next lines of confidence makes many people “fall back”.


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It turns out that the truth is not that the guy has changed, but just the clever and classy lying of this gamer. Since when did Library Steam – Valve’s world’s most “blood-sucking” game library become an online library of a university like this!? However, the guy’s humorous lie also made his “innocently innocent” girlfriend trust him without the slightest doubt, even going up to the school confession to ask for a reference to read together. Talk to your lover.

This is a tragic comedy situation full of twists and turns and is a testament to the classic lies with 1-0-2 of our gamers that made the online community “laugh to tears”. A lot of people came in to leave very funny comments.


“The steam library has a lot of great books. All books are top sellers: PUBG, CS: GO teaches you to improve reflexes and teamwork, Dota 2 is released for free for you to have more experience in leadership and handling situations, GTA helps you with social knowledge this association. In general, all good books and strong discounts on Black Friday or special dipks to support students without conditions are easily accessible. Please encourage your boyfriend to buy books regularly, wish him a quick graduation.”

“Don’t worry, I learned from the Steam Library the CS: GO subject that teaches Russian very well, now I’m extremely fluent in Russian and am about to study abroad there.”


I don’t know after “troll” comments from netizens like above, will this most innocent girlfriend of the solar system realize that she is eating a too bitter “donkey” from her lover? If yes, then perhaps we can also partially guess the fate of the gamer above!​

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