The most attractive “pink balls” of superheroes in the Marvel cinematic universe (P.2)

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6. Pepper Potts (Iron Man’s girlfriend)

Pepper Potts was originally Tony Stark’s personal secretary, later becoming his girlfriend. Pepper loved Tony Stark very much, but at first, because he hid his superhero identity, their relationship did not progress much. Later, their relationship was once again heated, Tony even proposed to her during a press conference at Avengers headquarters. However, she also has to face a lot of suffering when she has a boyfriend who is a busy billionaire who is also a superhero who specializes in fighting to save the world and sometimes is very heartless.

7. Peggy Carter (Captian America’s girlfriend)

A brave, upright woman, Peggy loved Steve Rogers before he became the symbol and pride of America. Peggy always believes in and supports Steve, she is also one of his best teammates. But unfortunately, their love overcame many obstacles but still could not come together. After receiving news of Steve’s death, Peggy was extremely depressed and desperate, she spent all her time and youth fulfilling the wishes of the boy she loved. In the end, the beautiful agent got old and passed away in the Captain America: Civil Waralso put an end to a sad and beautiful love story.

8. Christine Palmer (Dr. Strange girlfriend)

Different from the body of medicine as in the story. In the film, Christine Palmer, a surgeon, is a colleague and girlfriend of Stephen Strange. This is “the character who helped keep Strange on the ground after he joined the wizarding world.” The two’s relationship changed after Dr. Strange had an accident and lost his arm. capacity.

9. Liz Allan (teenage Spider-Man girlfriend)

According to the original, Liz Allan is one of the popular girls in the school that Peter Parker is attending. This girl is pretty and mean, but once had a crush on Peter Parker and he didn’t reciprocate. In Spider Man: Homecoming, a teenager Spider-Man has a “love of chickens” with this high school classmate – Liz Allan.


10. Black Widow – Natasha Romanova (Hulk’s girlfriend)

She is always one of the most charming and loved people in the cinematic universe Marvel. As a beautiful, talented superheroine, Black Widow used to have a lot of “emotional suspicions” with male superheroes in Avengers such as: Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye… Until Avengers 2: Age of Ultron she had a budding love affair with the Hulk when Black Widow awakened Bruce Banner in the form of a green giant.​

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