Worlds 2018 jungler review: Top Score

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In the first article of our 2018 Worlds series of ranking the best players, we’ve got 5 names that deserve to be featured in the top laner top lane at Worlds. 2018.Next, let’s take a look at the top 5 junglers to look forward to at this year’s 2018 World Championship.

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1. Go “Score” Dong-bin, KT Rolster

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After summing up all the comments from our staff, KT Rolster star Go “Score” Dong-bin is the one who deserves the top spot. Since Score’s debut with StarTale in 2012 as an … AD carry, Korean League of Legends has seen a lot of talented junglers come and go. By the end of 2013, Score had become one of the best AD carry in the region while playing for KT Rolster Bullets. And since then, Score has remained with KT, but a lot has changed in his career.

In 2015, Score switched to jungle to cede the AD carry position to No “Arrow” Dong-hyeon. Despite facing many difficulties during his time getting used to his new position, with his talent and relentless efforts, Score has been rated as one of the best junglers in the world. world at the end of 2016. At the moment, it’s hard to find another jungler that can compare to Score, especially in terms of his impressive jungle and amazing consistency. . And as a jungler, a position that is always heavily influenced by new updates, the stability he has is something that many other players have to envy. Thanks to his time as a AD carry early in his career, Score was able to take advantage of the things he learned as a AD carry to his jungle role, especially in the jungle. When using junglers like Kindred, it’s an excellent position choice in teamfights. However, not because of that, but Score’s ability to use more resistant and supportive champions like Gragas is underrated. In Korea, Score is a player who can always beat brilliant rookies like Griffin’s Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong. All of the above is more than enough to help the veteran star of KT dominate the first place in this ranking.

2. Hung “Karsa” Hau-Hsuan, Royal Never Give Up

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The former Flash Wolves jungler turned a new page in his career when he moved to the LPL with Royal Never Give Up. Although Karsa was not able to achieve much success in international tournaments while playing for FW, as soon as he switched to RNG, Karsa immediately won the MSI championship with the new team. . Karsa’s transition into the LPL hasn’t been smooth, but since mid-spring, Karsa’s steady performance has proven that he’s still one of the best junglers. best in the world at the moment. After moving to RNG, Karsa remained faithful to his game of river control and Ugly Crab and support, a style that has helped him emerge as an excellent jungler. Besides, Karsa’s personal skills and excellent fighting ability have always been a powerful weapon of RNG, whether he uses a carry or tank champion.

Since joining RNG, the player born in 1997 has shared the official position with Liu “mlxg” Shi-Yu. And it is Royal Never Giver Up’s two current junglers who are the key to helping this team achieve so much success this year.

3. Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon, Afreeca Freecs

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Another Korean jungler on this list is Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon. Although Spirit’s professional career is quite similar to Score, the story Spirit has gone through is very different from the star jungler of KT Rolster. As soon as he entered the professional environment of the MVP/Samsung Blue team, Spirit was already a jungler. There was a time when he was considered the best jungler in the world, there were times when he was considered a mid-range jungler. However, that was all in the past since Spirit switched to Afreeca Freecs. Here, the gameplay of AFs has helped Spirit’s flexibility and resource allocation to a new level.

Although the gameplay of Afreeca Freecs has had a lot of changes in the past year and last year, Spirit still gives fans a great stability. Entering the last LCK playoffs, Spirit has once again asserted himself with the ability to control the map in the early game, along with the ability to grasp the enemy’s jungle path and then from there. makes AFs movements very unpredictable. Spirit’s gameplay is more about jungling and fighting, but thanks to his long experience, he still knows how to coordinate with his teammates when needed, and that’s what making Afreeca Freecs the 2nd seed of the Korean region at this year’s World Finals.

4. Jake “Xmithie” Puchero, Team Liquid

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Wait, I know what you’re going to say. “Why is Jake “Xmithie” Puchero on this list? He’s a North American player!” Before you go on, let me say this: Stop, stop. The truth is that Xmithie has not only been one of the most stable players in North America but also worldwide since he started his career in 2013. During his career, Xmithie has had many times. was present at Worlds (and also at the Mid Season Invitational) alongside Counter Logic Gaming, Immortals (as captain) and now Team Liquid. It is completely reasonable to say that he is the best supporting actor every time he steps on the international stage. If Team Liquid has any chance of making it through to the group stage, it’s when Xmithie plays like he’s one of Korea’s top junglers.

5. Gao “Ning” Zen-ning, Invictus Gaming

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Gao “Ning” Zen-ning is probably the exact opposite of the other LPL player that appeared on this list, Karsa. Ning is a player with very good personal skills and always knows how to create favorable situations for Invictus Gaming in the early game, but he also creates many favorable situations for … direction. Ning is always ready to take risks in his ganks or jungle raids, that’s why he often finds himself in situations alone in the middle of the enemy’s siege. Such play makes Ning both like a genius, and more like an amateur player. However, the player’s ability to contribute in late game combat as well as small early game skirmishes is still extremely impressive. Ning’s potential and his contribution to IG during the past time is the reason why he surpassed many other names to make this list.

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