Shroud can’t decide if he should continue playing PUBG or not

Shroud PUBG
Shroud PUBG

Former professional CSGO player, Shroud, is still deciding which game to stream. Last week, he said PUBG was “wasting my time” when a connection error caused the game to lag in the first game he was playing. These problems continue to plague while streaming PUBG. During the last stream, Shroud said he couldn’t play PUBG.

“I can’t play PUBG,” he said, exasperated by the weak connection. “It was really bad. So bad. Please, PUBG developer, if you are following, help me. I can’t play your games!”

shroud chua quyet dinh co nen choi pubg - Emergenceingame

But it looks like it was just a moment of anger. Because a few days later, Shroud was playing Fortnite and praised PUBG as the game running smoother.

“Somehow, PUBG runs better than this game, I don’t know how that happens,” he said. “But PUBG runs much better than this game. Can you believe it?”

Shroud kept jumping back and forth between PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite and Apex Legends over the past few days. However, the current problems in each game caused him to take a break from playing to switch to another battle royale game, only to get frustrated and move on to another battle royale game.

So where will Shroud stop? He still plays quite a bit of PUBG, sometimes Fortnite. But Shroud is also playing Escape from Tarkov, BattleState Games’ PvPvE hardcore shooter.

Shroud doesn’t seem to have calmed down with Apex Legends, he has promised to quit the game, at least for the time being. Perhaps a new battle royale title will attract the attention of this popular streamer.

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