CS:GO update changes economy, adjusts CZ and Tec9

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Valve has released a new CS:GO update to tweak CZ and Tec9, and also introduced changes to the in-game economy.

The key gameplay change is Valve’s economic adjustment in the first half of the half. This means that the team that loses the pistol round will receive $1900 instead of $1400, and the subsequent losing rounds will receive $2400, $2900 and $3400, which is the same maximum loss bonus as before. By giving the losing team more money at first, Valve wanted to “reduce the impact of the pistol round on subsequent rounds”.

CZ has also been tweaked slightly to “encourage semi-automatic fire at medium and long range,” while Tec9 has been buffed up so that the weapon “has a better average rate of fire.” In addition, the price of both the SG553 and the AUG has been reduced to help these two guns be used more in competition.

Here is the full changelog of the update:


  • Adjusted first half economy with the goal of reducing the impact of winning the pistol round on subsequent rounds.
  • In Competitive Matchmaking, both teams now start the round with a pre-calculated loss of 1 round and will be reset on the next winning round. Instead of $1400, the team that lost Round 1 will get $1900, and $2400 after that, etc.
  • The amount of rounds lost in the first half can be adjusted via the command “mp_starting_losses”
  • CZ75a: Adjusted the CZ75a to encourage semi-automatic shooting at medium and long range.
    • Increase recoil and inaccuracy
    • Slightly improved shot accuracy recovery time
  • Tec9: Adjusted to give this weapon a better average rate of fire.
    • Reduce inaccuracies
    • Slightly improved shot accuracy recovery time
  • SG553 price drops to $2750
  • AUG price drops to $3150


  • Austria is now available in Competitive Matchmaking.
  • Austria is transferred to Group Delta in Casual matchmaking.
  • The new Community Map Biome and Subzero are now available in Group Sigma’s Casual > matchmaking.
  • Canals has been removed from Competitive Matchmaking.
  • Shipped and Insertion are no longer available in official matchmaking.


  • Added “VOIP Positional” sound profile. When this profile is enabled, the in-game voice sound will be played from where the player is standing.


  • Enable mouse binding for voice chat to work at the end of the game on the scoreboard.
  • Fixed an issue where the arrangement of events on the scoreboard affected game quality in gameplay.
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