Dota 2: The most disadvantageous heroes patch 7.30

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Recently, we have listed the heroes that benefited the most from patch 7.30. And today, the article will analyze which are the most disadvantageous heroes patch 7.30 in Dota 2:


Broodmother is one of the few Dota 2 heroes with only a few players capable of reaching their full potential. So, Broodmother isn’t completely useless, even though the statistics say it all. Hero currently wins less than 40%. That’s due to the impact of direct nerfs as well as changes to the game in general.

The new Broodmother couldn’t stand the great pressure from the Zoo heroes and didn’t want to join the teamfight early. Broodmother watches for weak prey, isolated and split-push targets. The thing is, the current meta doesn’t support that. In addition, the current popular isolation targets, although often farm far away from the team, are not afraid of Broodmother. For example, Sven has a high chance of surviving a swarm of spiders and possibly turning the tide of battle, while Slark has no trouble escaping.


Sometimes a half second stun can make a big difference. The article doesn’t say this is the sole cause of Puck’s loss of win rate around 5.5%, but it plays a pretty big role. While the hero can still cancel teleport and tie up mobile heroes, Puck can’t break channeling spells with utilmate. And yet, the enemy can now react a little easier, especially at high ranks: it’s not difficult for the opponent to be able to stun each other.

In addition to direct nerfs, Puck is also struggling against current meta heroes. Previously, Puck was strongest when traveling with late-game hyper-carries. The ability to root heroes allows heroes like Terrorblade and Luna to deal continuous damage. But now, these heroes are having a hard time, so it’s hard for Puck to shine like before. The article believes that Puck is still usable and popular in the professional arena, but the performance in pubs will not be as good.

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A recent article talked about Chaos Knight – a hero that only needs one or two buffs to become stronger. Unfortunately, IceFrog seems to have grasped that intention and decided to nerf first. By swapping talents together and taking away Cleave, CK is now no longer able to farm as well as before and pose a threat in the late game. Obviously, the out hero was at a disadvantage compared to many other meta heroes.

In addition, this Cleave talent can be exploited well before the current Zoo meta. Pick Chaos Knight is now risky and unreliable, making the hero unpopular.


Luna is one of the most disadvantageous heroes in 7.30 but still plays well: around 50% win rate at all ranks. There’s no denying that Luna’s late game potential is greatly lost. Both 30% lifesteal and +8 all extremely effective stats used to make the hero much stronger later in the game. However, adding 35 damage to the whole map (global) is now not necessarily weak: if you use a split-push formation, you will hit a lot of targets on the map.

But when it comes to Zoo strategy, Luna is a bit weaker in the early game, when Eclipse is not very effective. However, in the late game, when most of her damage comes from hand attacks, Zoo won’t cause much trouble for Luna. The only problem is whether Luna can level up at the right time.


I’m not sure if Gyrocopter is still a 100% carry hero anymore. Gyro’s talent and Shard set opens up a new direction: the gameplay is more about magic damage. It wouldn’t be too surprising if a position 3 or support Gyrocopter is being tested right now.

It must be said that the current Gyrocopter cannot beat Zoo. Damage is less early game and Flak Cannon’s nerf limits his farming potential, making it impossible for the hero to thrive, but more importantly, Gyro can’t get past Helm of the Overlord early. Gyrocopter has no answer to this, making the plane a burden on the team rather than a valuable asset

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Almost two weeks have passed, we can be sure that the meta has changed dramatically. There are still some unanswered questions and the article will definitely continue to keep an eye on Tinker and Clinkz, two heroes whose win rates fluctuate quite a bit. In general, we have somewhat known the development direction of the meta.

So what do you think about patch 7.30? Do you think it will help the Zoo meta revive? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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