Witness Captain America’s new shield in Avengers Infinity War

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Avengers Infinity War Not only causing storms in the hearts of the fan community Marvel by the hot action scenes but also by the image Captain America completely new. In addition to a weathered appearance, our Steve Rogers is also equipped with a brand new toy made by Black Panther provide.


Rumored to have been crafted by the Vibrarium himself in Wakanda, this item combines both offensive and defensive aspects, acting as both a shield and weapon. Despite seeing this soldier appear in the Avengers Infinity Wars trailer, fans are still hungry for the feeling of seeing it with their own eyes again.

Avengers Infinity War movie trailer.

And now, when Avengers Infinity War has not been officially released, fans have made this shield with their own hands with the real life version. Made by Grayson Burgess, the shield is assembled from 25 large pieces of aluminum and took 4 hours to design, despite the document at hand being only a few images on the Internet. After that, for official production, the shield took another 5 hours to cut and 2 hours to polish and perfect.

The result is a product with an equally cool look in the following movie trailer:

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