Will the anime blockbuster Your Name have a sad ending in the TV version?

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Super product anime Name Your Name do Makoto Shinkai Directing the production is a film that leaves a deep impression on the audience. Not only has it achieved great success since its premiere in Japan and many countries around the world, but it has been more than a year since its debut, every time the audience remembers to look at the image in the film, the audience still can’t forget it. get the true emotions that the movie brings. Recently, the Japanese TV channel TV Asahi has decided to broadcast the anime Your Name at this station. The special thing is that in the TV version, director Makoto Shinkai creates a completely new ending different from the movie version.


The drama is expected to start airing on the channel TV Asahi from January 3, 2018. In the movie version, at the end of the movie, Taki sees Mitsuha on the train, the two leave the train when they stop at the station and run to find each other. Taki and Mitsuha met on the street steps, both of them had the same question whether they had met the other, and then both spoke: “Kimi no namae wa?” (What’s your name?). This is an open ending that makes everyone think and also hope that in the future, Mitsuha and Taki can be together. In the upcoming TV series, will the new ending of director Makoto Shinkai – who often brings sad, tormenting endings – satisfy the fans? To this news, fans of the blockbuster Your Name have repeatedly exclaimed: “The movie is already so good, why change the ending?”, “Will the new ending be Mitsuha getting hit in the head by a meteor and then dying?” nice “I don’t want to see a bad-ending like 5 cm/s anime again”


Your Name is a Japanese anime in the genre of love, romance, fantasy. The film is about Mitsuha – a high school girl bored with a boring life in the countryside – and Taki – a Tokyo boy – for some reason swapped bodies during the coming of the Millennium Comet. near the. The film by Makoto Shinkai – the “father” of famous anime that is loved by many audiences such as: The Call from the Stars (2000), Beyond the Clouds, Where We Promise (2004), 5 Centimeters Per Second (2007), Children Chasing the Stars (2011), Garden of Words (2013)… After release, Your Name (What’s your name?) has been widely praised by critics, won many prestigious awards, and became a film phenomenon in Japan when it had the highest box office in Japan in 2016, as a film. has the 4th highest-grossing anime film in Japanese history, and is currently the highest-grossing anime film worldwide of all time. This is also the best-selling Japanese film of all time in many other countries and was named the Asian box office dominator in 2016.


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