Will replacing the SSD for the PS4 speed up the machine as fast as the PS5?

The highlight of the Playstation 5 is that the loading time is shortened thanks to the SSD, obviously we are tired of wasting time waiting for the screen to load because of the limitations of the old HDD technology. So the question is whether replacing SSD for PS4 will make your PS4 increase loading speed as fast as PS5 or not? This interesting question let nShop find out!

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Replacing an SSD for PS4 will cut down on loading times quite a bit!

During the introduction of the PS5, Sony has surprised many gamers when the game load speed of this system is below 1 second – almost you will not feel the waiting time to load the screen like before. Promise moments play AAA game Get the smoothest experience without any disruption to fall in love.

Upgrading the PS4’s internal hard drive is quite easy (you can refer to this article How to upgrade the hard drive in PS4) and the price of SSDs is also getting cheaper, making many gamers think about replacing SSD for PS4 to load games faster. This is not a new story as there have been many people trying to replace SSDs for PS4 in the past, and the results are quite impressive: Cut down almost 40 to 50% of the time to load scenes!

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But the time to load games like PS5 is still impossible …

Basically when you replace the SSD for the PS4 you reduce the load time only but to achieve it ‘level’ Instant loading like PS5 technology is not just enough SSD. The key to the PS5’s super-fast game loading speed lies in NVMe technology and the memory and bandwidth management chip of the machine, which is specifically designed by Sony. When you replace the SSD for your PS4, this is just a normal SATA SSD with fast speed and transmission limited by SATA technology.

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With the PS5 game machine, the NVMe memory chip soldered on the main has a faster load time combined with the processing capabilities of the new generation CPU – configure the PS5 like a tiger with more scary flying wings and no longer congestion. bottleneck too. Therefore, when replacing SSD to PS4 is limited to a maximum of 50% loading time ….

Is it worth replacing an SSD for a PS4?

The answer depends on your budget and your level of abundance. Actually halving the game download time is quite a lot, but do not expect it to be as effective as the Playstation 5 because the technology limit of PS4 with 7 years of age is quite old. If you have a spare SATA SSD drive that you can use to remove from your PC, take a few moments ‘I love science’ It is also interesting, however, to invest in a 1TB SSD with prices from 3 and a half to 4 million (October 2020), the advice is to save money for the PS5 machine always go offline!

ps5 processor chip

The PS5 machine can play PS4 games almost 99.9% of all games combine boost mode and take advantage of the new CPU – GPU and SSD technology to push game load times, increase higher FPS speeds to make games beautiful and smooth. rather, replacing SSD for PS4 at this point seems a bit of a waste.

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