How to play Lilia in the jungle and single lanes effectively in the latest League of Legends

Make the most of Lilia’s ability to farm faster and more efficiently monsters

With the 10.15 update of League of Legends not long ago, Lilia – the 149th LOL general has quickly reached the top of the list of hot pick heroes and is continuously banned in ranking matches. In the article below, let EmergenceInGame learn how to use Lilia to go to the jungle quickly, to get an advantage early and to gank to help teammates in other lanes.

Lilia - A shy flower bud
Lilia – A shy flower bud

In the previous introduction, we came to know Lilia as a champion wide area magic damage, and increase over time. Immediately, Lilia was carried by the LOL player community Jungle (pick rate is nearly 58%), followed by the location to go Top sugar (24.6%) and mid – mid (17.5%), thanks to a set of spells that deal splash damage, and even crowd control effects that are incredibly annoying. But in the early game, you should note that the power of Lilia is not maximizing, so it is necessary to have early farming techniques to quickly reach level 6 as well as have an R ability.

Guide Lilia to fast jungle in the early levels:

To help Lilia eat jungle monsters quickly, you should give priority to it Skill Q (Spinning Staff) first, then W (Smash it) then again Q. With this order of skill, Lilia will farm fast monsters even if you start from the jungle on the Green or Red buff.

Lilia farming round the jungle on the Red buff:

The order is as follows:

  • Red buff => The Rock People Beach => Variant Bird => Bai Soi => Green Charm => Toads.
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If according to the calculation and not being disturbed, Lilia will complete this forest round with more than 3 minutes, eat all 6 monsters, level 4 and not lose too much health.

Lilia farming around the Green buff:

The order is as follows:

  • Green Charm => Toads => Bai Soi => Variant Bird => Red buff => The Rock People Beach.

Once you clear the jungle around this Blue buff, you will open it Skill E (Pebble) with slow effect. At this point, the player can either go out to help gank other lanes, or return to the new jungle until the level 6 opens.

The best equipment and tactics for Lillia

Lillia has been designed with a jungle location. This means you will need to build her jungle gear. Use Miao Miao with Peeled Seeds Is your best choice to keep enemies within reach thanks to a rolling particle slowdown, as well as maximizing your magic damage. You will also want to buy Sorcerer Shoes in most cases to deal massive damage.

However, if you choose Lillia On the solo track, there are several options available. Vong Yin Luden Pretty fine if you are having trouble with energy and want extra damage. However, you can also use item ⁠Rylai crystal Truong to increase stamina as well as slow enemies.

The mask was full Liandry is one of the most cost-effective items in the game, especially if you enjoy taking part in lengthy skirmishes like Lillia. The damage increased over time is not to be missed. Combined with Rylai crystal staff to slow down, that’s the best item combination.

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Along with those equipment you should add more Hourglass and Devil Letter to increase your ability to confront the majority.

The kit is suitable for Lillia jungle

The right equipment to help Lilia go to the jungle better

Most of the mage items match well with my equipment Lillia, So there are certainly plenty of choices for every situation. However, if you go up according to the equipment above, everything will be fine.

How to play Lillia jungle or lane

Lillia can go to jungle or go solo. This creates two completely different styles of play. When going to the woods Lillia Will only be really effective at level 6. After that, your ganks when hit move E is one of the most annoying ganks in the game.

However, Lillia will not be able to take down a dragon early because of his pure and uncontrolled appearance and skill set. And in the beginning Lillia Quite weak in the road so it is easy to be prey for the assassins in the jungle like Rengar. In spite of W of the Lillia is a swipe, it won’t get you through the terrain.

If you are not confident enough, you need Lilia to go solo before you!

In most cases, you will want to maximize skill Q, then W, already E. Additional explosive damage W Your will be quite effective at destroying bloody enemies.

While on the road, the duty of Lillia simply go in and out of a fight, trying to stay passive in front of your enemy at all times. It’s like playing Darius So, the more passive you are, the more you will benefit from the skill set’s characteristics. If your jungler rushes to gank, slow down move E Your key is at level six before, which is your only domination in the early game.

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In the mid game, you should make lots of ganks. If you can use that move Q When using your ultimate, you will maximize damage from skill Q. Approaching the backline is important, as the bonus damage from her ultimate will cut through any enemy that is not resisting.

Cumulative maintenance skill Q You are also one trick of the players. Q of the Lillia Is her best tool for mobility in skirmishes, rushing in and out with extra movement speed. If you lose stack, You will be vulnerable to attack. As a gladiator, Lillia will be one of your team’s main sources of damage, so survival is key. If you can smash the enemy’s carry and save your life, you’re done.

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