Electronic 4-button computer emulator on PC – Video game machine with NES tape

Introducing a 4-button electronic emulator on PC – Nestopia

NES tape video games (short for Nintendo Entertainment System) like Mario, Contra, Tetris … are almost associated with the childhood of the 8x generation, the beginning of the 9x. As the era of computer technology develops, the 4-button gaming systems gradually go back to the past. There are still a lot of people who want to play back the old NES games to relive their childhood memories. However, with a console that is more than 30 years old like the NES, finding an NES that still works well is extremely difficult.

electronic emulator 4 buttons on pc - electronic tape nes

So today, no need to have a NES machine to do anything, nShop will introduce you to a very good 4-button electronic emulator on the PC that the shop knows so you can immerse yourself in the adventures. Save the plumber Mario guy, clear the island with the muscular guy RAMBO in Contra, or have fun with the bricks in the game Tetris …

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Emulate the NES game on the Nintendo 2DS handheld game (Link to download 99 games if you are interested )

Nestopia is one of the best 4-button electronics emulators on a PC ever, it’s open source and is regularly updated. Nestopia has high compatibility and good control support, which is really a good program to have on a gamer’s PC to play favorite games in the past.
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Instructions for configuring a 4-button electronic emulator on PC – Nestopia


  • Electronic tape emulator software on PC – Nestopia download the latest version at here.
  • Of course indispensable is the childhood review game for NES emulator, download at the forum NintendoVN.
  • Any configuration PC can do: D. Actually, the software requires low configuration because the hardware at the beginning of the tape is very weak, so most computers can meet the configuration needs of the program.

Instructions for configuring playing electronic tape emulator

  • First, we unzip the downloaded file to place it in an easy-to-find place on your computer. Go to the directory “Nestopia140bin“. Run the file”nestopia.exe“.


  • Next, the program will display a new window, at this point we will assign the appropriate buttons for handed. Go to menu “Option” choose “Input“. Here I will assign buttons at the”Mapping “, double-click on the “Mapping“And press the button you want to assign of the keyboard is okay. After all the keys are assigned, press”OK” escape.


  • To the “Video” configuration section, we will usually choose the default configuration that does not need to be edited. But to play smoother, you will go to “Option” -> “Video”, here it will be selected as shown below.


      • Mode: set to “1024 x 768” for a little better picture than the original version
      • Memory Pool: select “Video”
      • Palette: select “Auto”. Done press “OK“to the main screen. The configuration is finished.

Instructions to load the game emulator NES – Electronic tape

  • To load the game, go to menu “File“->”Open“, select the path containing the NES game and click”Open“and enjoy the game!



NES and Nintendo’s next journey

This is one of the programs that you need to have on your PC so that when you have free time you can immerse yourself in childhood games … Even new game consoles like the Nintendo Switch, the company also offers a specialized app. game NES when you subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online service package to help gamers review their childhood. If you want to stick more with Nintendo, you can continue to refer to systems like Nintendo DS, Gameboy, Wii or 3DS too!

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The controller recommends buying more to play 4-button games on the emulator more interesting:

8BitDo SF30 Pro Controller nshop

8bitdo controller (Supports PC and Nintendo Switch) with retro layout and streamlined distribution. Compatible with all new old games.

In addition, some other controllers you can refer to when playing NES emulator on PC:

– The best one: PS4 controller

– Cheap & ok quality wireless handle: The ipega handle

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