Why did Renekton become the champion with the lowest win rate at Worlds 2020?

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After two days of competition at Worlds 2020 group stagewe got to see the for the first time generals “genuine” is used at Tournaments this. Of course, in the top lane, Ornn is still the most dominant name with 75% win rate, 94% pick and ban rate. This “goat god” is generally too strong, making viewers feel that the team with Orn will have a higher victory.

Towards our central character, Renekton, this champion also has a desirable pick and ban rate of 87.5% (6 picks, 8 bans in the last matches). All agree that Renekton will be able to win any position top lane champion any in the early stages of the game. However, win rate Renekton’s team was surprised when they won only one match in the group stage Worlds 2020.


The first explanation is that the majority of teams using Renekton are in fact a lot weaker than their opponents. Unicorns of Love, PSG Talon or Team SoloMid were all eclipsed by DragonX, Rogue and Gen.G, so it’s understandable that Renekton couldn’t win those matches.

Suning’s loss yesterday was especially unfortunate, as Mikyx had an excellent day against Bard. This guy also saved G2 Esports from a loss and he’s really good at teamfights, so it’s hard to blame Renekton in Bin’s hands.

The case of Langx in the match between LGD Gaming and Gen.G showed all the limitations of this champion: his ability to move in combat is extremely limited. As in that match, Gen.G had three champions, Gragas, Sett, and Volibear, all of whom had skills that could prevent Renekton from fighting very well.


Whenever Langx used his E in a fight, he was instantly hit by tons of crowd control and thus, pursued by both Ashe and Lucian.


Therefore, Langx’s full early game advantage doesn’t translate into combat power. When LGD’s strongest player can’t deal any damage, and their squad is counterattacked, representing LPL conceding a goal is reasonable.


Basically, Renekton’s Weakness in teamfights, his fighting style is too simple and can be counterattacked easily. Furthermore, for those professional teamhas the ability to coordinate and support each other extremely well, they can easily block Renekton’s moves.

It is worth mentioning here that every team has to know its weaknesses, but Renekton is still regularly picked, even in the first picks. The reason is that this champion does not reveal the strategy, when all strong picks are banned, choosing Renekton is the best way to probe the opponent. Moreover, Renekton’s strong point is good laning, while in some cases winning lane is the thing to do in that game.

Basically, Renekton is not weak – if not too strong right now. However, the general gameplay after 2 days of the group stage Worlds 2020 is focused on 5v5 teamfights, which has limited Renekton’s power. This leads to Renekton’s win rate at Worlds 2020 currently very low.

Perhaps we need to wait a bit longer for strong teams to research and come up with a playstyle that matches Renekton’s strength, instead of getting into teamfights and losing like we do. seen in the tournament.​

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