Valorant will add many new game modes after launch

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After months of silence, recently Riot Games released a series of information about ValorantFPS The company’s new make many players curious, from the character lineup to the arsenal, loot and more. The developers also revealed the game’s first game mode, Defuse, which will have gameplay similar to CS:GO’s unpump mode or Call of Duty’s Search & Destroy.


While many are concerned that Valorant only uses a single main game mode similar to Riot’s flagship game, League of Legends then it seems that the developer of this FPS has a different opinion. According to the Dexerto site, in an interview with IGN Nordic after the first Valorant trailer was revealed, the high-level design of the Romleski game revealed that they are ready to develop more new modes for the game and they can be inspired by many other famous IPs: “We are trying to develop more new modes after the game comes out”. However, if you want to experience anything other than Defuse mode, players will have to wait a little longer.


Romleski also reaffirmed this stance in the recently held Discord AMA, when referring to the “forebears”, he mentioned Rainbow Six and Counter-Strike, most likely Valorant’s new mode will be inspired by one of these titles. Both these IPs are famous for their bomb defusing mode but they also have many other highly appreciated gameplay. Team Deathmatch, kill-or-be-killed or hostage rescue will also be interesting options for Riot’s new game. Whatever it is, for the time being, we can only wait for additional information from Riot Games.

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