Anime characters are not as poor as we think, Nobita at home is worth tens of billions of dong

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Recently, a Japanese netizen did a research to see the houses of the characters Anime how much is fame worth in the end, starting with the main character of the series Doraemon famous. Nobita did not grow up in a rich family, maybe even poor. However, outside of reality, the Nobita family’s house must be worth 64 million yen (equivalent to 13.8 billion VND). If you look closely, you will see that this house is not really cheap. It is located in the Nerima area of ​​Tokyo city, which is a prosperous area of ​​the Japanese capital. In addition to the fact that this house is located near intersections, the view and style are good, I think the price increase by 10% is also reasonable.​


Not only Nobita, the houses of other characters in the movie cartoon It will also surprise many people with its value

Little-Headed Dad and Big-Headed Son

This is an animated film quite familiar to the previous generation 8x, 9x. Not an Anime movie, but the value of the house that the main character of the movie lives in also surprised many people, which is why it is on this list. In the past, when watching this movie, many people only noticed the warm and happy atmosphere between Little Head’s father and Big Head’s son, but did not know how expensive the house they were staying in was.


From the view of the house, it can be seen, it is located in a villa area in the heart of Shanghai – one of the most expensive cities in China. In addition, the house also has a small garden, in the house there is a room as a home cinema. The total area is estimated to be about 300-500m2, if you take the price of land in the center of Shanghai to calculate, it must be about 30 – 50 million yuan (equivalent to 98 – 164 billion VND).

Usagi Tsukino

Twitter user SOW says Usagi’s house is worth 450 million yen

In the past, many people mistakenly thought that Usagi’s Sailor Moon just an ordinary student, but if you look at this character’s house, surely people will have to think differently. Usagi’s house is in Azabu Juban (Tokyo). Considering current house prices, such a villa must cost more than 400 million yen (equivalent to 93 billion VND). The author of the series, Naoko Takeuchi, also revealed that the sailors of the moon are all rich children.

Dr. Hiroshi Agasa

Dr. Agasa in Conan Also a reclusive millionaire, this character’s apartment is located near Shinichi’s house, good location, as big as Shinichi’s house. Many people are curious why Dr. Agasa has a lot of money to make strange inventions and then take the children out to play, eat rich and expensive meals. Even before, there were fans who suspected that he was the Boss behind the scenes of the black organization.​


In an interview, author Gosho Aoyama also talked about this issue. The author revealed that the mountain behind Dr. Agasa is Bandai – a famous Japanese toy and robot company with more than 27 branches around the world. Some of Dr. Agasa’s inventions were purchased by Bandai, so there was absolutely no shortage of money.

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