Who is the first female Youtuber of Raid to make the whole community so excited?

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Surely our snipers are no stranger to the phrase Youtuber Raid – talented and community-loved players selected by NPH to gather as a team, donate accounts worth hundreds of millions of dong to make clips, enjoy many benefits and even experience weapons before the update , aiming to give a more multi-dimensional view of the weapons of Assault for fans.

Besides the names that have made their own brands such as Tien Xinh Trai, Tien Zombie v4 …, recently, TV Raid added two new names to their team of Youtubers Raid, which are Nguyen Truong Quan and especially the girl Tieu La. Needless to say, Tieu La’s entry into the Youtuber team is expected and waved by many community members, because not only is Tieu La a beautiful girl with a very cute voice, Tieu La is not only a beautiful girl with an extremely cute voice. La is also the team’s first female AD carry Youtuber Raid TV.​


Tieu La – whose real name is Mai Thi Thuy Duong, was born in 1995 and has had 8 years of working with Doc Rai. With her seniority as well as her high spirit of learning, this girl possesses super skills, especially in the genre of team fights, singles, and bomb placement that even male shooters must be wary of and admire. . Right at her “hello yard” livestream as a member of Youtuber Raid TV team, this pretty girl has collected more than 200k views. Tieu La’s youtube channel currently has more than 73,000 followers.

Let’s watch the destruction that made Tieu La’s name.

In addition to Tieu La – the first female sniper in the team, Raid TV this time also welcomed another male Youtuber, also a very familiar name, the guy Nguyen Truong Quan (20 years old). Not to mention skills or expertise, Truong Quan’s very own attraction and brand is an interesting script, extremely funny fun, not just a good gun review. Show dry skills. Currently, Quan’s channel on Youtube has more than 100,000 followers.​


Enjoy the latest clip from Truong Quan.

Hopefully, the presence of these two new members will blow a new breath into the channels of Raid and with this turning point, Tieu La and Truong Quan will achieve even more success in the future!​

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