Detroit: Become Human has not been released yet has been boycotted

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Recently, the President of the British Association to Prevent Child Abuse, Ms Dam Esther and Andy Burows along with other members have strongly condemned the upcoming game Detroit: Become Human after some scenes in the trailers were released containing scenes of child abuse.


Since it is an interactive game, the choice of scenario must be very careful, so a game that contains scenes of child violence must be boycotted. Dam Esther Rantzen vehemently condemned:I feel this game is sick and cruel, it can affect a lot of children in the same situation. The creator of this game should feel ashamed. All games that normalize domestic violence and entertain are unacceptable.”

In the face of harsh criticism, the game’s director Mr David Cage explained, “For me, such violent scenes create a very strong emotion, even a cold person will have to tremble. Moreover, building such a game, like other genuine works of art in movies, newspapers, etc., all deal with domestic violence.”

(Controversial trailer)

Grandfather Tory MP Damian Collinsmember of the Conservative Party, chairman of the UK Culture, Media and Sport Committee does not think so “Bringing domestic violence into the game is wrong, regardless of the purpose or intention. Violence is not a joke and this just makes the game trivial and cheap” he also added “Such a product that only instills in children about domestic violence, will backfire. and make those who agree with domestic violence more dangerous.”

A spokesman for the British Game Censorship Association said:We cannot make an immediate decision, in such cases we think we will consult with psychologists and law enforcement.

Currently, this incident is causing great controversy in the British media. Can the game of Quantic Dream and Sony Interactive Entertainment be smoothly released next year? All information will be updated as quickly as possible by Emergenceingame.Com.​

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