Assassin’s Creed Origins gamers are crying because the game has such a terrible boss

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Over the past few weeks, the Egyptian gods have risen in giant form as bonus bosses in Assassin’s Creed Origins. Around the beginning of November, it was the dog-headed god Anubis, the god of death. By Thanksgiving (last week of November), it was Sobek, the crocodile-headed god of the Nile. Until the end of October the game has not unlocked this boss mode, even when starting to do, each god will only appear for 1 week before disappearing. The problem is that the bosses seem to be set up too strong to be defeated.


The Egyptian gods are presented by Ubisoff as part of the Trial of the Gods event, where each god is a bonus boss. Before the bosses appear, gamers will be notified throughout the system that a level 40 boss is ready. The quest has a set of recommended levels that the character should have, but lower level gamers can also try.

However, the reality is that until the first day that the bosses appear (Anubis appeared on 11/7), the Assassin’s Creed Origins Officially opened for 1 month. Even as of 11/21 of the Sobek boss, there are still 4/10 players who haven’t passed level 20 yet. A test has shown that when a level 31 character joins the raid boss, only 4/10 players have not passed level 20. need to hit 1 hit is “back to the city”.


Each boss only has a life time of one week, a message will appear on the screen and countdown until the boss actually disappears. Every gamer can try as many times as he wants, but it’s really hard to beat the boss at this point. On the game’s exchange section on the Reddit page, many gamers discussed enthusiastically about how to defeat the boss as well as sharing information about the bonus items picked up.

On the developer side, Ubisoft said the purpose of this event is aimed at a group of high-level gamers. Bosses will continue to appear in the future and be rotated. However, there is still no exact information on when and how often the boss will appear.

Currently, most games will be bundled with additional content shortly after release. The purpose of this is to remind gamers of the benefits of signing up early and continuing to contribute after the first time. For Assassin’s Creed Origins then at the heart of these expanded content are the Trials.

Trials mode has always been one of the hardest challenges for elite gamers, but in this setup the gap is too big between players who can play at this level and average gamers. According to preliminary statistics of PlayStation, up to now, there are still two-thirds of gamers who have not completed the papyrus puzzle – one of the most basic side quests in the game. Another figure shows that only about 12% of gamers have set foot in all the main areas of the map. This is common in big games, but it also shows that the Trial of the Gods event caters only to a handful of the world’s hardestcore hardcore gamers, who only need 2 or 3 weeks to reach level 40.


Many players have only reached level 20.​

Maybe Ubisoft is only targeting a small number of “hardest” players to guide the rest of the gaming community. Or this may be a miscalculation of the company about when gamers are ready to hunt bosses. However, there is another possibility that Trials will be a recurring activity in the game, appearing for 1 week, taking a week off, and then returning the next week. Thus, gamers will be motivated to continue playing, trying to one day be able to achieve the desired goal.​

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