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You will be shocked when you see this number of PUBG

Just recently, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds left the show Early Access of the Steam to enroll yourself with an officially released version. With the PC version and the 1.0 update, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has set a record that makes many other products jealous.


Along with the event being released globally, PUBG hit another milestone by selling over 30 millions version on both PC and Xbox One version. This success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was announced through a press release by CH Kim, who served as CEO of the game. PUBG Corp. “With over 30 million players worldwide on PC and Xbox’s Game Preview program, we want to say thank you to gamers. It is the passion of the community that inspires all of us here at PUBG Corp to make the game the best it can be.”


In addition to claiming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has sold 30 million copies, Kim also mentioned a few innovations in the game, such as improvements to guns, sound, visuals, network stability, and anti-hacking measures. . Undoubtedly, reaching 30 million copies in less than a year is indeed an unexpected success even for the publisher.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds entered the Early Access program in March 2017 and quickly became a multiplayer multiplayer game. It was an unbelievable achievement and many players quickly compared PUBG to one of the other popular online games, Overwatch. However, all comparisons are still lame. It is only certain that PUGB will break and set more records in the near future.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is released for PC and Xbox One. Players can buy the game at:

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