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Who deserves to be the greatest CSGO player of all time

Following Olof’s latest addition to his trophy inventory, CSGO Caster Jason O’Toole (Moses) made the statement short and simple. Olofmeister is CSGO GOAT.

But like in any sport when a GOAT is declared, especially by a person famousthere will certainly be a debate.


Olof Kajbjer (olofmeister)


The fastest way to stay on top of the who is GOAT controversy is to win an unprecedented number of championships, and no one has yet been able to beat the meister.

Since joining Fnatic in 2014, and then joining FaZe Clan in 2017, olofmeister has won 25 championship titles. Most of the championships were earned while working at Fnatic, including two major championships.

Although Moses clearly pointed out the difference between CSGO players the greatest and the best CSGO player, back in 2015, olofmeister is definitely the one the bestbecause he is gamer The key to Fnatic dominating all tournaments. Even Jesper Wecksell (JW) had to nod in agreement with his former teammate.


Nicholas Reedtz (Dev1ce)


The Dev1ce star has been playing at the highest level for years and has never “fallen” from being the best player.

Dev1ce’s resume became more impressive over time, from Copenhagen Wolves to Dignitas, to TSM and Astralis. While some might consider Dev1ce’s achievements to be no big deal when he’s in a team famous, and Astralis is truly a remarkable team.

For the past four years, he’s been one of the top 5 players on HLTV’s best gamer list, setting a record with teammates Astralis for most major wins.

Gabriel Toledo (FalleN)


While the recent records of FalleN and MIBR are not ideal, the Brazilian captain worthy received a nod for his past period of dominance, and his overall achievement.

For two years, Luminosity/SK Gaming was unrivaled under FalleN’s leadership.

Yes, Marcelo David (coldzera) is the star, but everyone knows that a star without leadership cannot shine, and FalleN is the reason those teams are signed.

FalleN inspires and cultivates young Brazilian talent, making the region competitive with the world. Even if his GOAT title is uncertain, he is the GOAT of Brazil CSGO.

So who is really worthy? CSGO gamer the greatest All Time?

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