Legendary FPS turns into horror game with extreme Mod

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Recently, a mods new for The Master Chief Collection made Halo 3 There is an extra element of horror and the special thing is that the mod is inspired by the brand’s oldest competitor – Call of Duty.

Released last weekend by modder Crisp, the mod Halo 3: Zombies Brings the deadly, terrifying march of Call Of Duty’s zombies to Halo’s open jungle map. The Nazi Undead were replaced with parasitic Floods, but the gameplay remained the same. Players need to fight hordes of monsters, earn money to upgrade new weapons, powers and open new parts of the map. The Mystery Box allows players to trade their luck for better gear.

This is a completely different survival mode than Halo’s Firefights — less chaotic but full of tension, the feeling of fear is still present even when the player is fully equipped. Halo always exploits the horror element well, a good example is the parasitic fungus Flood that first appeared in Combat Evolved. Crisp’s mod deepens the horror and horror inherent in Halo 3.

Similar to many other mods, Halo 3: Zombies also has “raw” features such as the title screen that seems to be “drawn in a hurry” in MS Paint or a funny cinematic. Even so, Halo 3: Zombies is still an excellent mod. Readers can download the mod here.


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