Do not let gamers wait long, Thien 3D continues to land in Saigon offline

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After 4 years, it can be said that Ỷ Thien 3D still somewhat retains its charm, gamers are always ready to burn out in any event. The epic offline sessions organized by NPH or spontaneous meetings always attract a large number of users to participate. Those are the clearest proofs for the loyalty and growth of the gaming community Ỷ Thien 3D.


And as a deepest gratitude to all the gamers who have accompanied us during the past time, as well as after an extremely successful Big Offline in Hanoi last November, this November, NPH Gamota as well as the Board of Directors Ỷ Thien 3D decided to come to the land of Saigon. All are aimed at creating a playground, an intimate exchange between gamers, helping to increase solidarity and development. community Thien 3D stronger day by day.


And of course like many other times, there will be a lot of ingame rewards as well as extremely attractive in-kind gifts waiting for gamers to join Offline. Just checkin, gamers can immediately receive valuable giftcodes such as: Stone Pack 10, Chaos Tu Kim Beast, Hero Out of the World, Five Elements Bag,… With the criterion, every present is a gift, 500 Gamers Ỷ Thien 3D don’t miss this opportunity!


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