Surprise with the greatness in the MMORPG Hunting World

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The game is built on advanced 3D graphics with a large open world, the game’s graphics are highly appreciated when it’s as sharp as the movies you still see in theaters, thanks to that with the monster attacks. , or launching combos of skills all extremely sharp and beautiful.


The rich character system includes Warriors, Mage, Assassins, Archers, each character has his own set of skills and has a knack for attack, defense, and damage. .. the player can combine the character’s skills together to create combos to attack the enemy consecutively. Objectively speaking, there is no strong or weak character, each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, but how to overcome that weakness, it all depends on the player.


With the role-playing game genre, PVP battles are indispensable, with flexible control mechanisms, freedom to develop skills and a rich set of skills for each character. all 30 skills and players will use 5 main skills. Because it is a free-playing mechanism, PVP matches will be very attractive. In addition, the game also focuses on social features such as the guild system, players organize and join states to help each other develop.

The game is currently open for registration, interested readers can see more at the link below.​

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