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Download now Du Long Legend – Grave thief game is storming the Chinese game village

Surely you still remember the game Du Long Legend that Emergenceingame.Com previously introduced, a role-playing game with a new theme and gameplay when you will play the role of grave robbers. The task of the game is quite simple when you will go into the catacombs, find the secret passages, to open the underground tombs to get the treasures hidden in them. To find the graves, you will have a map, the player will follow the location of the compass and the pre-drawn paths to find the graves accordingly.


The game includes 4 main sects with a diverse career system that allows you to choose, including Mo Kim, Ban Son, Ta Lanh and Phat Khau. After choosing your favorite career, you can team up with other players to join the journey with you. You must calculate and assign tasks to players to maximize the skills of each character. With this gameplay, instead of going to scenes and performing tasks like traditional role-playing games, players can experience becoming thieves. However, the game is not as simple as you think because the grave guards and monsters are always lurking to treat you well.


Through testing, up to now, the game has officially been available on the Android platform, the game has received high praise from Chinese players, because compared to other games in the genre of tomb theft, Du Long Legend is excellent. more than that.

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