Whether newbie or oldbie, State of Survival players can still make these mistakes

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Known as the title mobile games world top apocalypse survival strategy, State of Survival owns a community of loyal gamers up to millions of people. Although State of Survival players are often those who have a certain investment in learning and researching this game to find the most effective development methods, there are still hidden corners that have never been discovered. .


Because of the deep gameplay that comes with a lot of features along with free development, State of Survival offers a lot of options for gamers to experience. This is also the reason why it is easier for players to “make mistakes” – although these errors can have a negative effect on many different levels – these are still mistakes to avoid when playing State of Survival:

Possess more resources than the warehouse can hold: Resources are of utmost importance to every State of Survival player. Building constructions, training soldiers… all need resources, but possessing too many resources is sometimes… harmful. That’s because your warehouse cannot protect the excess resources, and you will become the target of looting by other players. So the advice here is, you should manage and effectively use your resources (especially receiving resources from in-game emails).

A resource should only be obtained when your Warehouse can protect it

Sub-optimal power-ups: Many players choose to upgrade their War branch even though they aren’t strong enough – or even if they’re not in a situation where it’s absolutely necessary. In addition, focusing on upgrading on Economic capabilities will generally be more effective: A strong economy will help players breathe easier and “not afraid to collide”. In a way, the Economy ability also helps the player “fight” better, but the Combat ability doesn’t help the Economy much.

Focus on Economic Capacity, don’t be too “bloody” lest you bring disaster

Do not hide commander equipment: This is not necessarily a serious error, but when you are in the “war” period with alliances – other players, hiding the commander equipment will help you become a better player. more difficult to predict. With command items from the lowest quality to the higher quality having a significant difference in combat strength, it is better for the player to hide these items, giving the enemy as little information as possible. be as accurate about you as possible.

The “Eyes” icon in the left corner gives the player the option to Hide/Show Commander equipment information

Indiscriminate use of speed-up items: In the early stages, players will often receive a lot of speed-up items through quests or events exclusively for beginners. However, players should accumulate these speed-up items to use during events or really necessary stages, instead of using it to speed up the training of soldiers in the early stages (level soldiers). low level). Let’s focus on building and maxing out the buildings first so that the acceleration items are maximized.

Players should save speeding items and use them at the right time for the best effect

Above are some mistakes that even “oldbie” players can make in State of Survival. Hopefully with this article, readers can avoid making the above mistakes and experience the game in a fun but equally effective way when competing with other players.

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