Battlefield 5 revealed super awesome graphics – For gamers to build.. fortress

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Call of Duty called, Battlefield answered.. and soon after Black Ops 4 speak up then Battlefield DRAW (Battlefield 5) also has the first trailer scene. Bringing gamers back to the World War II context as fans speculated, Battlefield 5 continues the tradition of a top-notch graphic product with a super-terrorist battlefield. Not only that, super product FPS belong to DICE will also introduce a feature never seen before in the series’ history, even the entire village shooting game first view.


Specifically, Battlefield 5 will introduce a system of building and reinforcing the battlefield .. allowing gamers to use sandbags, barbed wire and various tools to turn houses into fortresses against attacks. enemy’s work. Not only that, players can also dig trenches and set traps to increase, prevent the enemy’s tanks from rushing to the base. This system promises to push Battlefield 5 to become the most transformative and lively game today when helping players promote their creativity in room layout.

Battlefield 5 game trailer.

In addition, Battlefield 5 also allows gamers to move and display fixed weapons such as anti-aircraft artillery, anti-tank artillery or machine gun turrets to the necessary positions. Players can use vehicles in the map to move these weapons. Along with that, now anyone can revive teammates, but with the condition that they must be in the same Squad. Medic will be the only Class that can revive anyone and push their health to the maximum, simply because the health bar will now only heal at a certain range.


DICE also promises that Battlefield 5 will be deeper and more tactical and mobile in gunfights than ever before. There gamers can crawl on their backs, allowing them to see behind and in many different directions. The ability to shoot through walls will also be present in the game, especially with heavy weapons.


Battlefield 5 will officially release on October 19 this year on PC, Xbox One and PS4. All information about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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