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Battle Prime – Mobile’s most graphic shooter is this?

Mobile game is far from the milestone a few years ago when the mobile game village was still filled with mid-tier floor products. Now Game Mobile can compete directly with the PC or Console giants, ready to deliver graphic masterpieces with gameplay on the same scale as its peers.

Battle Prime – Title shooting game Brand new on Mobile, is a prime example of that. Throwing gamers into the extremely vivid 3D battlefield, Battle Prime offers a graphic background that is not too much to say is the most beautiful Mobile at the moment.


In terms of gameplay, Battle Prime is a multiplayer shooter that puts players in a 3rd person perspective similar to PUBG. There gamers can choose between specific Class strains with combat styles such as Raid, Tanker or Sniper. Each Class strain will have its own weapon and skill, allowing you to apply a variety of tactics to approach opponents.

Trailer Game Battle Prime.

In terms of graphics, Battle Prime can be considered as one of the most beautiful games currently on Mobile. Touted as console-quality, Battle Prime is poised to deliver incredibly crisp and vivid frames. From the effect of light reflecting on the environment to the detail of weapons or character models, all are described in great detail and ensure that gamers have to freeze at first sight.

Battle Prime Gameplay.

Now Battle Prime has opened early registration for Android gamers. Readers can register via the link below:


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