When the World Cup game was “modified” from Half-Life – 22 players are 22 real life players

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Half-Life has stood as a legend of the gaming world.. not simply because it is one of the most successful FPS titles of all time, but it also became the cradle for other legends to be born. Not that, Half-Life has become the premise for many popular Mods to launch with a typical example such as Earth’s Special Forces with the theme 7 Dragon Balls.. hay Counter-Strike which later became the FPS village monument.

However, there is another Mod that once had the same reputation and quality as the above names, a Mod that transforms Half-Life from an FPS product into a football game true meaning. Yes that is International Online Soccer – Mod version launched from 15 years ago.


Although it has been a journey of 15 years, International Online Soccer still has a whole new face when it is rebuilt from the ground up by the development team, not to mention an Update to respond to the event. World Cup 2018 burning hot. New name IOSoccerthe game allows players to participate in a true Multiplayer mode… where each player controls one player.


Exactly.. Not like PES nice FIFA, you will control a single player and participate in the match. This means that 22 players on the field are quite possibly 22 players in real life. Feel like this is a ball game with friends, only we don’t have to be in the sun in the summer, but instead just sit at home with air conditioning. However, if you want more moderate-sized matches, you can choose from 2v2, 4v4 or 8v8 format. The feeling of controlling the players in a 3rd person perspective from behind with the mouse and keyboard is really a very new experience that has never been seen in the virtual soccer village before.

It’s also because it’s a Mod IOSoccer no copyright of real life images as well as graphics cannot be as trendy as genuine products. However, when participating in the game with friends, you will have hours of fun that are not available in any other game out there.


To start downloading games to your PC, you need a Steam account and Steam installed on your computer. You can do these 2 steps by visiting the following link:

After registering an account and installing Steam on your computer, you start this software on your computer. From the interface you find the Store section on the left side of the screen and use the Search tool to search with the keyword “IOSoccer“. After entering the game page on Steam, you click directly on “Install Game” to own the copyright and download this FPS masterpiece for free. You can also do the same steps on the browser via the link:

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