Revealing the behind-the-scenes photos of Wonder Woman and her lover in part 2

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Part 2 of the super product DC house – Wonder Woman with the new name Wonder Woman 1984 It is expected to be released to fans by the end of this year. As is known before, in this movie there will be the revival of pilot Steve Trevor, who is also Diana Prince’s lover. He will continue to accompany the female superhero in the new battle ahead.


At the end of season 1, Steve Trevor bravely hijacked a poison gas bomber and sacrificed himself to burn it at a safe distance away from the population. But his journey with the series Wonder Woman still can’t finish, simply because according to information, actor Chris Pine (playing Steve Trevor) has signed with Warner Bros. a contract lasts 3 movies. So it’s completely natural for the producer to find a way to bring him back in part 2.


In a picture released by the producer not long ago, the character Steve Trevor – who lived in the 1900s seems to be very surprised when standing in the middle of the scene of 1984. It seems that in a way, he resurrected and together Wonder Woman into the future.


These days, part 2 of Wonder Woman filming is still being rushed, and these behind-the-scenes photos and clips revealed online also created a wave of enthusiastic comments from fans. As can be seen, in this series of photos, actress Gal Gadot appeared with the familiar combat outfit of Wonder Woman. She is performing like action scenes and hanging people in the air. The beauty of the actress always makes fans admire and ecstatic.

Not only that, in another scene, Gal Got is leaning on Chris Pine, two people hugging and chatting happily while doing a certain scene. Right from the first part, the audience loved the chemistry between this on-screen couple. The return of pilot Steve Trevor in part 2 promises to bring more romantic scenes of him and Wonder Woman on the screen.

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