7 Dragon Balls officially revealed the new great villain’s identity

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With the fans 7 Dragon Ballsseries Dragon Ball Heroes is no longer a stranger.. Although it is just a supplement with the goal of promoting the game, the series Anime This still has extremely attractive storyline lines. Over there Goku and Vegeta being pulled out of my dimension in Dragon Ball Super and appeared in a whole new realm in the universe called Prison Planet. With a series of planets from different dimensions “chained”, Prison Planet becomes the place for the demon’s son Fu to carry out his spooky experiments.


When Goku and Vegeta confront Fu, he suddenly summons a great villain to fight on his behalf. With the appearance of a psychopath with his left limbs locked, the villain is an ancient Saiyan warrior once imprisoned in the Prison Planet. No one knows who he is, no one knows his identity or origin, all just call him “Evil Saiyan”.. making this one of the most mysterious characters of Dragon Ball.

Fu – Son of the demon king.

However, that mysterious curtain has been partially revealed when Dragon Ball Heroes has officially revealed the identity of this character. Accordingly, this villain is named Kanba, is an extremely powerful warrior of the Saiyan race in the past. Even though his left hand is locked, Kanba is still able to manipulate and form a dark arm around him. This allows Kanba’s attacks to be extremely unpredictable as the arms can move freely in all directions. Not only that, the evil of Kanba also directly affects those around him, making anyone lose control when affected by his ki. It was Goku who fell into this state when confronting Kanba.


With so much power and a mysterious origin, Kanba will definitely be one of the fan-favorite characters 7 Dragon Balls pay the most attention before the Dragon Ball Super movie premieres later this year.

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