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Top 100 most powerful weapons in the game world

The virtual world environment is always the birthplace of things beyond the imagination of the community. From the plot, the characters to the gameplay… the virtual world always makes gamers go from one surprise to another. Weapons are also one of the most creative aspects of this place, providing us with unforgettable experiences when using them.

That’s why readers, along with Emergenceingame.Com, point out the 100 most notorious and hegemonic weapons in the game world right below. Also because it is based on creativity, the article will omit weapons based on real life prototypes.


Smart Pistol MK5 and MK6 – Titanfall series

Once considered the smallest but most powerful gun on Titanfall, the Smart Pistol MK5 is a nightmare for any player. Although it only has the appearance of a normal pistol, the MK5 has the ability to lock onto the target and allow the projectile to find its way to the enemy. There, the gun’s mechanism will automatically lock onto the chest and head of the enemy, ready to directly kill all targets at a close radius. It is because of the damage ability of Smart Pistol in the Multiplayer section that the developer had to nerf its power shortly after Titanfall launched. In Titanfall 2, gamers can also witness the power of the improved version of MK6 when the main character can destroy dozens of enemies in a split second.


Boneduster – Bulletstorm

With the crazy action FPS game Bulltestorm, the 2-barreled shotgun is just a good grade. With the game, a super shotgun with 4 horizontal barrels deserves to be a terrible product. Nicknamed Boneduster, this gun has the ability to “skeletonize” ready to release four gas presses at the same time, repelling targets and cutting enemies in half. And yet, in the force mode Boneduster can also blow away all obstacles that the target is hiding behind, becoming a close-range monster that you cannot ignore in Bulltestorm.


Plasma Grenades – Halo series

Unlike the grenades that carry the physical power of humans, the Covenant applies the plasma explosion mechanism in their arsenal. However, damage is not the main factor that makes Plasma grenades infamous, but instead its ability to stick to the opponent. Just throwing at the body will make sure the enemy has no way to survive, no matter where they move or run.


Rebellion – Devil May Cry series

Speaking of the half-human and half-demon warrior Dante of the Devil May Cry series, we are talking about the extremely cool and powerful weapons he carries. But despite applying various methods to suppress the devil, the only thing that Dante trusted and always kept with him was the demon sword Rebellion. Despite taking the form of a Claymore (a form of Scottish greatsword), Rebellion harbors insane power within and allows Dante to awaken the demon within him. This is also a holy relic inherited from Sparda’s father for Dante, expressing his rebellious nature and desire to stand up against the forces that want to destroy humanity.


Vampire Killer – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series

Taking the form of a chain whip attached to a cross, the Combat Cross is a weapon bestowed on high ranking members of the Brotherhood of Light. Despite having high strength and combat ability, among the Combat Crosses created there is only one weapon that can eliminate vampires. That is the Vampire Killer – a holy relic created by Rinaldo Gandolfi, a genius of metallurgy and medicine who once served the Brotherhood of Light. Through the hands of many people, but Vampire Killer only reached the highest realm under the legendary Gabrien Belmont… which we later came to know as the bloodthirsty Dracula of the Castlevania series… more ironic.


Concrete trick – Worms series

Do not rush to point out banana grenades, bazookas, rockets or suicide sheep because the writer recognizes them as the most crazy and unique weapons in Worms. But in terms of satisfaction and crazy destruction, it all has to make way for Concrete Donkey, a true donkey statue made of concrete.. Despite the name could not be more silly, but Concrete Donkey once dropped will level everything along the way, plowing and straightening the terrain as if everything were paper.


HF Blade – Metal Gear Solid series

HF Blade – High-frequency Blade, or High-frequency Blade, is one of the most notorious weapons of the Metal Gear Solid world. With the shape and size of a katana, the HF Blade is capable of generating a tremendous amount of alternating current and resonating at an extremely high vibration frequency. This property allows HF Blade to weaken an object’s molecular bonds, giving it the power to almost cut anything. Under the hands of Cyborg Ninja like Gray Fox, Olga Gurlukovich or most famously Raiden, HF Blade became extremely powerful weapons… even able to cut through a giant Metal Gear.



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