When the electronics supermarket becomes a “public nursery” for “young and old” gamers

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At the age of primary school or even high school, owning a “genuine” smartphone still seems to be a luxury for many children. Money in the pocket is not always rich to sit on the net, not to mention the parents’ prohibition. However, coming to a electronics Centerphones, the above problems are completely solved, where the “young buffalo” gamers can play games as they please.​


Perhaps the above images are not uncommon in any electronics and phone center. The booth area displaying sample equipment has long become a gathering place for customers kid gamer. According to the staff at these centers, the game most played by children is Arena of Valor. Through the photos, it can be seen that each child has a phone in his hand and is extremely enthusiastic, enthusiastic and enthusiastic about his game.


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the children playing games here when it’s actually a display area for sample products for customers to experience. Therefore, for these cases, it is also difficult for sales staff to chase away, except for those with signs of extremes. On the other hand, for parents, it is also quite reassuring to let their children obediently sit in one place so that they can comfortably go shopping in that supermarket without having to watch or fear that their children will get lost.


But in general, this turns electronics and electronics centers into “public kindergartens” nothing more, nothing less, hindering sales, when customers really need them. wanted to buy and learn about the product but did not have the opportunity to access the sample product because it was occupied by “young buffalo”. The sales staff themselves also have a harder time when they have to constantly pay attention to and watch over the children to avoid cases of product damage.

So in your subjective opinion, how is it like for young gamers to comfortably play games at these electronics supermarkets? Share your opinion with Emergenceingame.Com readers by commenting on the article below!​

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