The brain hacking scam called “quail eggs” made the Dota2Vn community stir up

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The recent incident happened in group Dota2Vn making this community gamers a wave more than ever before the tricks are so sophisticated and brain hacks. Although the amount of money that the object later appropriated was not large, it once again reminded each of us that kindness and faith always need to be alert.

The source of the story began with a male gamer on TQK facebook account, also a member of the group Dota2Vn, at about 12 noon on 08/08, I received a delivery to ship quail eggs to a store, unfortunately, the lanyard was worn, so it broke more than 10,000 eggs. Not knowing how to deal with the large amount of compensation, the guy posted on the group asking for the help of 500 brothers. Feeling sorry for his friend’s plight, many members commented asking for the account number so that each person could contribute a little support, but unfortunately the guy replied that he did not have a bank account number. People asked again if using Momo or any account could receive money, but because at that time, he was still busy dealing with broken eggs, so this gamer did not have time to go to facebook to answer.


Taking advantage of that moment, a young scammer deliberately changed the name of the clone acc located in the group to the name of the board member and changed the avatar and cover to the same cosplay as the young man in trouble. This subject then comments on the thread owner’s post and responds to the comments like a real account to gain your trust, saying that there is a Momo account. The trick is that when people ask him to publicize his account number, he goes to a separate inbox for each person. Because in their eagerness to help the poor thread owner, many people were careless and mistakenly believed in fake facebook. Only after that, the original victim entered facebook and discovered that he was fake, immediately deleted the old post, made a new post to announce that someone was impersonating him for the purpose of fraud.​

The scammer texted each person separately Momo account number

After the incident broke out, the members of the Dota2Vn group tried their best to track down the scamer through the phone number Momo used to cheat and quickly find out the subject’s information. “Sniffing” this, the scamer went to the scene to shoot a video asking you to ship Thanh Minh eggs for help. Even before that, when the information was not traced, this young man also came out to buy and support the egg ship friend and posted photos calling for his brothers to buy help (the style of stealing and shouting) for the purpose of creating a scene. forgery and alibi. However, through the keen eyes as well as the joint investigation of 500 brothers in the group, the scammer was finally forced to reveal himself.


Before the attack, “bricks and stones” were too crowded and dangerous from the side Dota2Vn gamer On his personal facebook, the scamer had to officially apologize, admit his behavior and refund the entire amount of money that was scammed.


This is probably a scam “of the century” that has never appeared in the Dota2Vn community ever. Indeed, the tricks of the scamer objects are more sophisticated, sophisticated and brain-hacking than ever before. Although everything was resolved smoothly after that, perhaps from now on, each of us should be more careful before each incident, do not let our trust and kindness be taken advantage of unworthily!​

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