Top 20 most powerful weapons in the DC Comics universe (P.3)

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6. Miracle Machine

Invented in the 30th century, the Miracle Machine was created to do the impossible. Anyone using it can turn their thoughts into reality. But it is also this ability that makes the Miracle Machine an extremely dangerous weapon, which can help evil thrive if the user has bad intentions towards the lives of others. It has only been used a few times throughout its history, mostly by the Legion of Super-Heroes and only under dire circumstances. It most famously appeared in Final Crisis, when Superman was shot into the future and used it to stop Darkseid and Superboy-Prime at the same time.


5. Warworld

Warworld was created by cruel, barbaric aliens, with the function of psychic directing that drains the energy of others. It could have slaughtered an entire planet without firing a single shot. Because of this, the machine has been crafted with a crystal key for the user to control it. Later, the satellite fell into the hands of the tyrant Mongul, who discovered the full potential of the space station. Since Warworld is so powerful, even Superman needs assistance in disabling it.


4. Mother Boxes

Mother Boxes are large machines used by the Gods of New Genesis. It can integrate with other computers, non-electronic machines, and even organics to add more power to its servers. One of the main powers is to create a Boom Tube that allows the owner to teleport. Mother Boxes have a mysterious connection to their owner that allows for healing, calming the mind, and disturbing illusions. When its owner dies, a box automatically explodes, but this is rarely the case as Mother Boxes can even manipulate the life energy in its host to keep them alive.


3. Power Rings

Often called the most powerful weapon in the universe DC, groups of Lantern Corps with distinct colors all use Power Rings with different energy sources. While most hoops provide the user with basic powers, namely flight, enhanced strength and speed, the ability to survive in space, and the limitless potential of a rigid light structure, one Certain colors also have other additional effects.


2. Mobius chair

Perhaps the smartest in the entire DC universe is the New God Metron. Tasked with amassing all knowledge in the universe, Metron creates the Mobius chair, a floating throne capable of moving ‘slideways’ through time and space. The chair itself is tied to the New Gods’ comprehensive knowledge, meaning that whoever sits in it has extensive knowledge of everything, including future events. It even knows the Joker’s true identity. In addition, it has the ability to move entire planets and even control Mother Boxes.


1. Anti-Life Equation

The deadliest weapon in the DC Universe isn’t a sword, a gun, or even a vehicle. Instead there is the amebious concept of the Anti-Life equation, an algorithm that exists with the hypothesis that freedom will not exist and that life is meaningless. Separated and hidden in the human mind, this equation was created by Darkseid, who used it to take complete control over anyone who heard about the equation. Darkseid also found from Anti-Life Equation the ability to change reality, granting him immortality, the ability to resurrect the dead, and even control the antimatter Universe. It was changed in the post-Flashpoint universe to be less dangerous and can only be used by specific individuals.


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