When Marvel Super Heroes Turn into… Zombies

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Super hero can be considered as great images coming out of the picture where they act for what is right, always reaching out to help the weak and protect humanity. They are the supreme image of goodness, representing light against the forces of darkness. And it is the superhero title that they carry on themselves that completely confirms that.

But what if the superhero world still faces a pandemic? Zombies? What if the noble images, the symbols with the power in hand are also infected and become hungry zombies? What if they do not turn into normal Zombies but also possess super strength to satisfy their bloodlust?


These fanciful and ridiculous questions are completely grounded… Simply because in history Marvel called once that not only the Earth but also the entire universe was wiped out by the Zombie pandemic. Yes, that’s Earth-2149 – the version of Earth in another dimension, which witnessed one of Marvel’s most disgusting, bloody and terrifying history.


Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards)


The beginning of the pandemic

Events in this dimension continued as normal until a version of the Sentry was launched through space, bringing the superhero and his illness to Earth-2149. Actually it all started with Wasp, then infected her husband Giant Man (Hank Pym) and finally Hulk. Hulk was the one who was defeated by the Sentry but soon turned back into Bruce Banner and infected the Sentry after pretending to beg the superhero for help.

Sentry after crashing to Earth-2149 almost immediately faced a group of Avengers led by Colonel America (the version of Captain America in this dimension). Witnessing delicious bait, Sentry pounced on the Avengers and soon infected his disgusting disease to the world’s most powerful superhero organization Marvel. Spider-Man was soon bitten on the shoulder by Colonel America himself, infected and witnessed his fate follow an extremely painful path for himself as well as those he loved.


It is worth mentioning that after being infected, Spider-Man still controlled the disease and retained some of his humanity. He immediately returns home with Aunt May and Mary Jane to help them escape the coming hell. But when he returned home the pathogen inside Spider-Man began to thrive and just as Mary Jane tried to help him, he pounced on her… devoured. Nova – Mary Jane’s husband, witnessed that scene and rushed into Spider-Man but also shared the same fate with the Zombies who were superheroes who saved the world..


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