“Joker legend” Heath Ledger once wanted Christian Bale to hit him for real

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For those who are passionate about the image of the Dark Knight.. for those who are tired of being tired Batman by director Nolan.. image Heath Ledger in the role of Joker has become a legend, an immortal symbol on the screen. It made a strong impression not only because of the late actor’s great role playing … but also because he accepted to do things no one could imagine just to portray the crazy personality of the clown. Actor Aaron Eckhart – who plays Harvey Dent or Two-Face of the series Batman movieonce revealed that Heath Ledger spent 2 hours out of the camera just standing facing the corner of the wall and muttering to himself.. enough to see how dedicated he was to the role of Joker.


But that’s not all because recently “Batman” Christian Bale revealed a very interesting story, showing us how deep Heath Ledger’s immersion with the Clown Prince is. Accordingly, this actor asked Christian Bale to hit him for real during the interrogation scene at the police station, even though Christian Bale thinks he can “act like the real thing” without causing any harm. This is also the first scene where Christian Bale co-stars with Heath Ledger.


Well now we know.. not only does the Joker want Batman to torture and beat him… but Heath Ledger himself wants Christian Bale to do the same just to create a work that stands in the legendary ranks of the movie world for him. to this day. It all shows us how great Heath Ledger’s talent is and how much to mourn when he is gone.​

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