15 secrets you may not know about Marvel movies (P2)

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Captain America… never give up

You probably remember the last scenes of Civil War when Captain America one on one with Iron Man. At that time, without his shield, Cap was forced to use his bare hands to fight an enemy that completely overwhelmed him in strength. But with a strong will to fight, he still stood up no matter how much Iron Man pressed him.. The saying “I could do this all day” is an eloquent affirmation of that strong will. of Captain America.. In fact, this scene accurately reproduces the image Steve Rogers when he was still a scrawny little guy in the movie First Avenger. There, when being beaten by a thug, Steve still stood up with the words and fiery eyes.. “I could do this all day”..


Doctor Strange… super heroes and villains

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch is so familiar to fans Marvel through the role of the powerful Doctor Strange. However, few people know that he also plays the role of Dormammu – the main villain of the movie. Marvel.


Stan Lee – A powerful entity in the universe

Fans must still remember a small scene in Guardians of Galaxy 2 has the appearance of Stan Lee – the father of many famous Marvel characters. In that scene, Stan Lee in an astronaut suit sat down to talk to a group of people who were later identified by Marvel as the Watchers. Watchers in the Marvel world are cosmic entities with unparalleled powers with a single mission.. that is observation. There they cannot interact or influence even the slightest process of life, despite possessing countless powers such as transformation, immortality, space travel as well as time. time. What’s interesting is Stan Lee’s words when he’s next to these Watchers.

“Before I was rudely interrupted again, I was a federal postal worker…”

In fact, the saying about “federal postal worker” is alluding to his other appearance in Civil War when he “ships” a parcel to his house. Tony Stark. Considering the fact that Stan Lee talks to the Watchers and the ability of this group of people to transform, it is easy for fans to infer that Stan Lee himself is a Watcher with a mission to monitor the Earth.


Spider-Man disarmed

Everyone remembers the scene where Tony Stark took his armor back from Spider-Man… There Tony Stark said “If you’re nothing without the armor, you shouldn’t have it”. This is a reminder of what happened in Iron Man 3 when Tony Stark was forced to break into the Mandarin mansion without his armor on.


Black Panther

Few people know that Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke – the two young actors who played Nikia and M’Baku in Black Panther, are two friends in real life.. In fact, the two were classmates at Yale University and together. go to the movies when Avengers the first part came out and was immediately captivated by it. Since then, the two have dreamed of becoming a part of the MCU in the future. Now everyone knows how their dreams have come true.


New image of Captain America

We now know how Captain America changed his appearance in Infinity War, but not everyone knows how strongly his appearance is inspired by the comics. There in history Steve Rogers gave up his title of Captain America many times and became a “Nomad” – The nomad.. or simply The Captain. His appearance during those events is similar to what we have seen in the movie.. it is an old physique and clothes. dull.


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